Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is a “Harvest festival” celebrated notably by the Chinese and other Asian countries. It falls on 15th day of the 8th lunar month each year which is on 13th September in 2019. It is the second biggest traditional Chinese festival besides the Spring Festival (the Chinese New Year).

Growing up, the Mid-Autumn Festival was my favourite celebration. As kids, we made lanterns, lit them up and roamed the streets with them. We also played firecrackers and fireworks in small scale, which is no longer allowed due to the fire safety restriction.

There were always fresh seasonal fruits including starfruit, grapefruit, longans, watermelons and bananas. Fresh taros boiled in salt water made my mouth watering. Mooncakes are the indispensable delicacy which are generally made using lotus seed paste, red bean paste or nut mix filling the crust.

Family members would sit outdoor with the spread of fruits, taros, mooncakes and teas to appreciate the full moon on display while chatting away everything but nothing. We children were usually allowed to stay up to midnight as an exception.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunion, sharing special food and celebrate good times. I love those times as I was brought up in a four generation big family in a close knit community. I got to hang out with kids on the street and listen to adults sharing stories from home and afar.

Last night I looked at the moon in a land that is foreign and distant to those memories. I still smiled and those memories were like yesterday’s, when in reality they were decades ago.

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4 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Festival”

  1. Ever since I read this I’ve been craving moon cakes. I’ve become obsessed. I love moon cakes. Especially the red bean paste ones.


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