The Six Sentence Story prompt – Zany

In 1982, there was no one sculpted nudes in China, not even under Deng Xiaoping’s economic reform of opening China to the outside world.

He, the Beethoven looking man created stacks of nude sculptures in his studio which was no more than a kiosk tucked away in the alley.

We walked past his studio after school and made fun of him wearing silk stockings and hairnet by pulling faces and giggling away.

Now in 2020, I am a lot more educated on celebrating individuality and have seen the world outside of red China.

We were little assholes of ignorant parents and grandparents.

I have forgiven myself and am proud of how far I have come from that six year old girl.


*Thank you Denise for putting out this weekly prompt. You may check out Denise’s blog GirlieOnTheEdge’s Blog

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Cassa Bassa

🇦🇺🇨🇳 inquisitive, observant, witty, a thinker, was a misfit child 😊

19 thoughts on “Zany”

  1. welcome to the Six Sentence Story bloghop!

    nudes in stone! talk about your study in contrast…
    at the age of six, surely we are all castaways who are, to our present relief and future chagrin, joined in the company of other castaways, out exploring the island.


  2. Yeh! A hard-hitting six this, owning up to the past even if you were just a kid. I cringe at some of my ‘kid life’ moments, but realise it’s all part of growing up and evolving into (hopefully) a decent human being. “We were little assholes of ignorant parents and grandparents.” … wish I could have written a line like this, it’s rock and punk! Bravo for the six, CB 🙂

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