My Father Has Dementia at 61

Six Sentence Story word prompt – home

Photo by Cassa Bassa at Balmoral Beach, NSW, Australia

There was always safety in our father’s presence. The memory of him rafting with me and my younger brother out on the Balmoral water in early Autumn is still vivid in my mind today, the same as the cold winter day we buried our mother.

We have never felt neglected by our widow father. And he has never made us feel any guilt although we ran around like mad monkeys in our family home where our mother spent her last weeks.

Now I am sitting by his bed as a grown woman with my own family, listening to him telling incoherent stories of the past. Maybe to him, this is the way he is coping with the open floodgate of emotions which have been bottled up for so long.

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Cassa Bassa

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27 thoughts on “My Father Has Dementia at 61”

      1. I lost my Dad, last year – he was very old and had lost the will. We’d have loved to sit by him but didn’t get the time to save goodbye or to grieve. 💜


  1. I enjoyed this Six. So engaging, a situation increasingly available to us all. And, the compliments of us Readers, in our concern for you and your family, speaks volumes as to how effectively you have told a tale.

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    1. Thank you Clark! My prayer goes out to anyone endures the pain of seeing a love one loosing their vibrancy in life. May God bring comfort and joy to our life regardless what we are experiencing.


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