Self Nomination

Part 1 Ankle Bracelet
Part 2 Aura of Mystery
Part 3 The Kissing Song

I stop you on your way out of the boardroom door.

Ami, I am Tommy, Tommy Lee. Do you want to grab a bite to eat in the City after work today?

You look at me and smile. Oh Ami Sickle, I love your dimples! They look like a pool of happiness, so overwhelmingly sweet and beautiful!

Hey Tommy! I am not available. Thank you!

How about some time this week…or beyond? You are gonna be hungry one of these days?

Ah, Tommy, what I meant was I’d like to keep a professional boundary. I won’t be grabbing a bite to eat with you. See you at the annual conference if you are attending.

You just said no to me. Was it a no, try harder? Or a no, NO? Do you need a volunteer to help with organising the conference? I can help wherever you need me. I am a good helper, I was told. What? Tommy! You just nominated yourself to work for free? The ROI is so low considering the time and effort I have to put in. Fuck! What’s wrong with ya?

Ah, the conference is well funded, it’s not run by volunteers. And I don’t think I need volunteers. But I appreciate your willingness to get involved and help. By saying that though Tommy, I am still unavailable.

What? Did you just give me a hard NO? You are not willing to give me any bit of you. There must be another move I can make. Think Tommy! I can’t fucking think, it’s like the market is closed today. I have to wait for tomorrow. But I don’t want to wait and there is no other way. Am I throwing a Tandy? Shame on you Tommy, you are gonna accept defeat, aren’t you?

Tommy, there is this retirement village I volunteer at, they are really short of volunteers and I know they will appreciate some help. I can email you the details and you may think about it?

Oh Ami, you must have noticed that I looked defeated. You have a soft and kind heart. How can I not say yes and I have to restrain myself from jumping for joy. You have just kept the door of hope ajar.

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Cassa Bassa

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