Tiger Lily

a short story by Cassa and Joe, language contributor Carlos

The humid Colombia heat wakes her up from the drug induced slumber. Her sundress is lifted by the Caribbean Sea breeze, revealing her bronzed legs.

Drifting higher, the breeze exposes bruises, signs of the kind of “love” she receives from the one who keeps her there. But she has become strong and hardened like clay in the hot sun. 

She calls out to her pet leopard, “véngase pa´acá mi parcerito, véngase conmigo”. It pounces on her playfully, causing her to let out a string of laughter like the wind chime. “vayámonos a nadar, ¿OK?”

She slips out of her dress and runs toward the sea with her best friend, the leopard named “Congo”. 

He frees up his hand from the cigar and claps watching his gorgeous, prized prey bouncing off towards the sea with her reward, Congo, for being such a good girl. He makes loads of connections with other drug lords simply by having her in his arms.

He can’t bear it any longer seeing her soft body in the ocean water. He makes his way down with that bullying grin on his face while unbuttoning his chino shorts. He can’t wait to pin her down in the salty water and make her submit to his authority.

She hates being his captive. But then again, he is the only love she ever knew since she was twelve. Even the first to take her flower which is why he named her Tiger Lily, after his favourite flower, exotic and wild. She will happily be his until her youth runs out, if he doesn’t make her spend endless nights entertaining his business partners. Those monsters, they are into some sexual deviants that leave scars on her body and soul. 

Already strongly erect, and struts like a rooster approaching her. Once he reaches her, he grabs the back of her head and violently pushes her down to his crotch under the saltwater. The more she struggles to breath and fight back, the more his urge gets satisfied. In his twisted mind, he recalls her angelic face when he first laid eyes on her, her body was just starting to develop. Now, she is like a leech to him. He feeds her food, alcohol and drugs. She will do anything to keep herself fed and alive. He wants to think that she is a treasure because her divine body brings business to his kingdom. But the image of her being a sex slave in the orgy infuriates him. How could an angel become such a dirty slut? His anger wilts him instantly. He pulls her up and throws her into the sea as far as his rage allows. He spits into the water while he stumbles back to shore, hissing and cussing.

Tiger Lily feels a sense of great relief that he turns his back. She is so used to his violent outburst; she doesn’t think much of it. She knows how to keep herself alive. And now it is the perfect opportunity. She swims further out towards the rocks with Congo leading the way. They did many practice swims at night on this route, so without much effort, they arrived at a small shore just behind the rocks which is the only spot invisible to their surveillance. She rises from the sea like a mermaid, her skin is glistening. “mi bebé”, she throws herself to her lover’s broad chest and kisses him passionately. Congo is sitting next to the pair and keeping a watch. He reluctantly pulls her away and puts a t-shirt over her, then rushes them to jump on the speed boat. He accelerates to the highest speed disappearing into the island where they will board a cruise to Costa Rica. 

At nightfall, Tiger Lily, her lover and Congo arrive at the secluded bungalow he arranged for her escape. Excited and exhausted, he fixes some fresh meat for Congo so it settles on the deck overlooking San Andrés. Now he is all hers. She sits at the low end of the steps leading to the beach, chin to her knees tug underneath his oversized white t-shirt, her chestnut hair swept to the side. He walks over to her with a glass of chilled fresh coconut juice, kisses land gently on her burned skin where the t-shirt doesn’t cover. “siéntese conmigo mami” She links her arm with his and rests her head on his shoulder without another word. They hold such silence in absolute harmony until the stars blanket the sable sky. “vayámonos a descansar un poco mi hermosa sirena, estaremos en casa pronto.” He scoops her up in his strong arms and carries her back into the bungalow. She loops her arms around his neck and stares deep into his emerald eyes.”usted es mi consentido.”

Published by

Cassa Bassa

🇦🇺🇨🇳 inquisitive, observant, witty, a thinker, was a misfit child 😊

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