The Middle Finger to The Seven Virtues

The Living Poetry prompt – Virtuous

Temperance rivals with yolo
Charity veils sinister corruption
Chastity cops technicality in the arse
Diligence finds no place in fast money
Humility runs a mile from self promotion
Patience means Amazon vs of Amazon Prime
Kindness shies away from publicised name and shame

Silence Speaks Volume

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Volume

She married a much older man in Tasmania in exchange of a better life for her family in a small village in Thailand. He was reserved and quiet but treated her with respect.

There was little verbal communication between them because of the language barrier. They went everywhere and did everything together until he fell ill approaching the sunset of his life.

She stayed by his side and nursed him till he let out his final breath in peace. Their rather silent life spoke volume in mutual love and respect.

Unread Emails

4631 unread email

that’s easy
I carelessly ticked the agreement box
and then came the flood of subscription emails
not only did the subscribed content appear
but also their family and remote relatives

I felt overwhelmed
then procrastinating
then denial
then avoidance
then anxiety
then guilt

the elimination of the email inbox
and that’s how I lost your emails
I am sorry

Desert Succulents

she is scooped up by the abrasive desert wind
the forced settlement cannot break her spirit
in her arid bed sleeps her shallow roots

she is thirsty for life
the desert rain is often light and brief
too sudden and too short lived for most
for her,
she thrives in conditions others wither

she despises mediocre
the desert sun is scorching and wearing
long suffering brings out her vibrancy
nature trials her with extreme heat and cold
she births uplifting pigments to protect her fragile pose

she is beaten by the violent sandstorm
leaf scorched, foliage torn, uprooted
it seems that she has nothing left to fight
until she senses the coming of fog
and tastes the sweetness of dew

Rebuilt Hearts

Love manifests in a force of connection
The burning of passion gives off a campfire comfort
It is peace I adore in the deep forest of life
The evergreen thrives in a dim rustic old farmhouse
where we build our light filled home with callus hands

We Are One

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Kettle

I watched the news and saw how they keep the activists in the kettle during a protest.
It reminds me of fencing the society outcasts in a so call self contained farm.
There is little difference from quarantine.
They are supplied with minimal essential items and expected to survive in a self sufficient way which we all know to be impossible.
They are out of sight, out of mind while the rest of us wonder why sometimes we have broken sleep and experience an unexplainable sense of dread.
We are all connected as inhabitants on mother earth where we share each other’s joy or suffering.


She walked through life with broken pieces scattering about
Ernest effort spent on picking up and gluing them like mosaic art
She looked at her completed work
Imperfection was such a sad beauty
brought about heart wrenching sobs

There was a skilled restorer
living through the same heartache
unable to repair his own brokenness
sending out vibration like telepathic codes
searching for his perfection which
he found in a pile of her best effort art pieces

When their souls mirrored one another
and collided at a crashing speed
They felt whole at once in each other’s embrace