Vizzane – The Friendship Collection

You said your life was filled with farewells
Whenever you met a kindred spirit
they left before your smile settled

I left without saying goodbye
You must have pretended that I went solo sailing
You checked on the anniversary
and thought
the sea must have been a bit too rough that year

When I appeared like the sudden rain
You brought out beers to celebrate
the trophy of safe home coming


Thoughts on Old Photos X

by sketching
you break me down in plain lines
part of me remains prominent
that, you cannot fathom

Thoughts on Old Photos VIV

I painted you
an avalanche of sun glow
so my smeared hands
cannot fanthom
the beauty within

I locked you away
behind the canvas
so my weary eyes
show no more desire

I sealed your lips
in silence
so your whispers
penetrate my mind
no further

Your catatonia is
my salvation

Noir – The Colour Collection

Darkness makes
the subdue glow more alive
the quietness sing softly
the tiredness rejuvenate

drapes stars to shine light upon the cold sad moon
The stars lend dreams to the hopeless soul
The moon inspires the watcher to fashion beauty

Thoughts on Old Photos VIII

Semi teases
Some year some day
Still she will wait here
Shall I quit searching for love

Photographed by Joe Femia

Thoughts on Old Photos VII

In darkness, I long for the light
In chaos, I long for the peace
In despair, I long for the angel’s wings


Photographed by David Mane

Thoughts on Old Photos VI

Goodbye my love
I leave for no greener pasture
Keep my frozen gaze under lock and key


Photographed by Joe Femia