Forest child – The Green Collection

he is quiet and reserved
enjoys the company of
trees and wild plants
birds and insects
are his family

he tells the time
by the shadows of the woods
he knows danger
by its sound
he nurtures his soul
by going deeper and deeper
into the forest

he wears moonlight
dances by the fire
sings over the wildflowers
sleeps in the cradle of
the jungle

he is a forest child
full of vitality

Shamrock – The Green Collection

Make your home in me

Father Son and the Spirit

We are bound in one

You promised You are for us

Who will be against us now

Our tree Cameron – The Green Collection

Cameron has been witnessing
generations of
love and betrayal
joy and violence
secrets and parades
on this family farm

Cameron has been through
all these moments
with our ancestors
Cameron does not shy away
I bet
Cameron is not going to

Cameron has been
providing us with
a safe place for
our first kiss
our first heartbreak
our first family picnic
our first fued
our first wedding
our first unfaithfulness
our first birthday
our first burial

Cameron stays with
all of us
as long as
the sun shines
the rain waters
the wind dances
the snow crowns

I often think
will I still see Cameron
from heavens above

Is green really green? – The Green Collection

we rush to write about
the splendid of Spring
its full spectrum of colours
on grand display
from baby vomit yellow
to celestial blue

we point out in babbles
the full suite of green
dazzling reds and
pretty pinks

the spring festival
in the botanical garden
is so exhilarating

there is a sweaty little boy
trying his hardest to figure out
where did the flowers go
while all the other kids
waving their fingers at the hay stack

no one
there is no one
detects his vision deficiency

Unknown – The Green Collection

I start tapping
not knowing where this poem will end
sowing seeds to the ground
not knowing it will thrive into
a luscious green carpet lawn
a savage weed patch

We started this journey together
unknown curiosity
unquenchable thirst
not knowing how it will unfold
another Merlot gone sour
a dark chocolate strawberry fondue
slowly melting
enticing for more
and more

Too much Zen – The Green Collection

shaven head
unshaven face
in lotus zazen
the bamboos grow
in saturated rain
agarwood incense
in smoke of

desire is fading
memory is fleeting
pain is dwindling

nothing is lacking
nothingness is blissful
mindless mad monkey
shaven head
unshaven face
in lotus zazen
the world go by

too much Zen
in one day

Too little too much – The Green Collection

the garden was dry
too little rain
the rain came
too much of it
too little care
for it
it rotted the garden

she was unattended
too little touch
he came
too much passion
too little care
for her
he suffocated her