Red – The Colour Collection

The wedding guests
left with bloated guts
and wobbly legs

In a change of mood
the sky dims
from violet pink
to vermilion

The newlyweds sit
facing each other
in the shadow of
a pair of carmine candles
The wax is melting
like scarlet tears

His callus fingers
irritate her cherry cheeks
turning them into
the colour of sour wine

Before the moon
lends her pity
her ruby lassie dream
is overpowered
by a wave of
metalic crimson

Ash – The Friendship Collection

I see you everywhere
I am afraid to look too close, too intently
you may evaporate from my thinning mind

I paid attention to the Guinness beer at the bar
I heard your say
“come on love, let’s have a fag outside”

I saw you run topless along Mona Vale beach
Your laughter was a string of bells
sent a sense of peace in the midst of roaring waves

I fixed my eyes to you in the powder room
you straightened the black laced body sliming coset
touched up your flaming red lipstick

I dared not to approach
You might swirl up in the cigarette smoke
You might disappear into the cloud
You might walk back into the dressing mirror

I still see you everywhere
I try not to look too close, too intently
then you may stay a little longer in my memory




Vizzane – The Friendship Collection

You said your life was filled with farewells
Whenever you met a kindred spirit
they left before your smile settled

I left without saying goodbye
You must have pretended that I went solo sailing
You checked on the anniversary
and thought
the sea must have been a bit too rough that year

When I appeared like the sudden rain
You brought out beers to celebrate
the trophy of safe home coming