I was walking 
in idle steps
down the park
brown grass 
dry wind

A woman 
with grey hair
wearing plastic bags
to keep warm
in her own
merry world

Why am I
so sad
so depressed
got out of
a warm bed
in snug clothes

I keep walking
to nowhere
but following 
the woman
She suddenly
my focal point
and the only 
I can recall
in my pethetic
expired life


You are a bully
and a big fat liar

Your propaganda runs wild
in broad daylight

You deprive us of our well-being
by cutting us out of human contact
in the name of false safety

We are united by love
standing in our spirit of power
with sound minds
to fight you
to cast you down

crawl back to your master
down on the ground
into eternal darkness


Finally I am with you again
You seem angry
Howling wind on a sunny day
I don't demand warm embrace
It is enough for me
to breathe in your scent
to be wrapped around by your emotions
Being with you
every particle of me
becomes alive

Going Coo coo

When the world is behaving manic
My world is surely shaken
So if you'll excuse me
I have a little acting out to do
To calm my ecstatic sanity


In the dead of the night
I sank to the bottom of the ocean
Bound by the tentacles of grief
Muted and suffocated
You cradled me with all you are
All my sorrow, frantic struggle
Released into pearly tears
Warm on my cheeks
I rose to put on the garment of praise
worshiped to the heavenly place

Sickle Moon

You are smiling and walking away
in sheer soulless delight
The day soon turns into night
hindering my footsteps from chasing you
into the horizon cloaked in twilight
I memorise your laughter as the wind chime
transmitting me to you on the ebony land

I’ve Got This

I can’t turn off the news or people’s concern
I can’t turn off the fear people project
I can turn on God’s voice
And amplify His love

Diamond Rain on Saturn

She is beautiful
Her determination knows no bounds

She keeps her past as learning
The present,
She labours in full force

When her world collapses
She cries diamond rain


He wears a chain of romance around his neck
They closed each heart shaped padlock and threw the key to the river
After many broken promises and cold campfires
Eventually the weight of the chain sank him down the river
He laid unrest with dead romance around his neck
and keys scattered around him

Giving Up

Time slipped faster than
thoughts I could catch

Between the lighter flame
and the last ember of the cigarette
my mind fired rounds of blanks

I wondered if time held its integrity
or served a meaningless purpose

Either way
I am more wasteful
and careless