Go Dog Go Cafe writing prompt – write a poem starts with “before this moment’

Before this moment
Moment was just a string of bubbles
threaded by time
Time in essence was an illusion of endless future
Future ceased to exist just before this moment

Acqua Sporca

I learned to steal
a moment of daily happiness
from a potent portion
filled with bloodboiling passion
velvet dark and strong
silky crema floating on top

How could you
break its perfection
with inflation through dilution
and try to convince me
that’s a revolutional innovation

I Am One of Us

The Living Poetry May visual prompt

They are puzzled about me

An eccentric nerd
buries herself in books
walks in summer storm
stares at the sky for hours

A sore thumb
stands out in small talks
unable to pick up social cues
receives no offense of sarcasm

I am told that
I am the eighth colour
of the rainbow
I am just as beautiful
as all the other flowers
in the field

Coffee Beans

I sat on the shelf
of your pantry
in full body aroma
There was no comparison
to all other shapes and scents
I thought
I was so special

I sat idly by
let the prime
of my youth
go stale
not knowing
watching you
sip cups of teas

Red – The Colour Collection

The wedding guests
left with bloated guts
and wobbly legs

In a change of mood
the sky dims
from violet pink
to vermilion

The newlyweds sit
facing each other
in the shadow of
a pair of carmine candles
The wax is melting
like scarlet tears

His callus fingers
irritate her cherry cheeks
turning them into
the colour of sour wine

Before the moon
lends her pity
her ruby lassie dream
is overpowered
by a wave of
metalic crimson

Fighting A Different Battle

This is the most recent collaboration piece with Benjamin Grossman. It has always been a joy and encouragement to work with Ben. Please do check out his work, you won’t be disappointed.

Two millennia ago
I would’ve cried
Stony tears
Like the stoics of legends

For the injustices raging
Against shared truth
I scream in silence
Like a fallen knight

There are no more
Heroic battles
On a field of dirt and dust
Where men were once raised
To die for future honor

We hide behind
Neuro electro defenses
Attacking lives
Without sounding
The trumpet

Am I a departed
Clutching the white flag
Crippled by reality
Or my own fatal mind?

Out of This World

We are the poorest land owners
even with the most precious minerals
buried below the surface of our land

We are illiterate, void of education
isolated from the global economy
Nature’s richness doesn’t translate
into food, shelter or safety here

The world comes to us
ask us to sell our backyard
for ten years’ worth of living expenses
We queue up to sign away our rights

In three years time
the world drives us out like slump dogs
from their luxury resorts
built on our backyard

We are out of this world


Every word
I wanted to say
to you
I said them
into the hole
I dugged
in the garden

I buried
all hope
deep inside
as a seed
Watered it
with patience

No matter
we will be
will bear witness
to the fruit
of our