They were once birds who knew freedom
They used to migrate under the threat of predation and mortality
It was worth it for the freedom and population

They are pacing in this giant electric wired cage
Seasons mean little to them
Wings are on the verge of redundancy
They don't call for each other anymore
They are in it all together

Birds lost their freedom
We human lost our voice
Soulless reality holds us in captivity
Our spirit yearns for liberation
Liberty is never free
She stands on the foundation of blood, sweat and tears

A Moment of Unity

The Living Poetry September Visual Prompt

There is a victory!
We celebrate with a kiss
where our happy hormones mash into
a song of joy.
My salty lips touch yours
in a crowded square.
My lady, we share a moment
in history beyond just you and me.
Shhhh, don’t tell me your name,
let’s kiss deeper into the Summer heat.


I walked the street to protest
That was me reaching out
to show you
how much I was struggling
to stay positive
when my rent is in arrears
the pantry is empty

You handed me a fine
for breaking the lockdown rule
that I can't afford to pay

I have been a good citizen
and a diligent tax payer
wanting no more than a simple life
Food on the table for my family
Education for my children
Work life balance is a luxury
that I have no demand

Freedom isn't something
that I take for granted
from where I came from
I knew oppression
I knew evil

Here, in the land
that is young and free
I didn't have much
But I had enough
I thought

It isn't enough
Now I know


The Living Poetry word prompt – Animal, Chief, Limit

His rugged body swags in animal skin
prowling in front of his entourage
in a chief's authority 

They start rapping words 
without limit
in the crowded street

People are aroused to follow
dancing on embers
to fend off the corruption
of this age


I see you are still hung up on him
You shed tears on a flooded ground
He is not going with anyone else
He just can't grow old with you

I hate seeing you both drown
Flowers die in endless rain
Shaky ground ends in landslide

Don't let your broken heart filter out the sun
Let the rain be the romantic past
Safekeep for your fated one

The Pebble Drive

The Living Poetry Monday Word Prompt - Pebble
The school bus set her down
in lethargic sun
she ran the long pebble drive
excited like the popping corns
a delicious cool lemonade
made by grandma's loving hand
was her reward

In the deep of the night
whatever beautiful dream she was in
would be woken up by
the sound of her father's car
rolling in the long driveway
like broken eggshells crashing
into shattered glass

she hid underneath the bed
clutching her teddy bear
but that night
there were lights
and many sets of footsteps
she saw her drunken father's rage
no more

Wilted Flower

She once was adorable
for being the girl
fogets the punchline
for being clumsy
around the kitchen

Infauation put her
on a pedestal

she is intolerable
for being the same girl
forgets the punchline
She is slapped around
and called useless
for being clumsy
around the kitchen

Love is a cold vase
housing a wilted flower