Evening Ocean

The ocean is grumpy 
When the evening is approaching
She got tired of the screaming children

She keeps spitting out seaweeds
Pushing them to shore
Hoping the stink drives people home

The sun quits being an overstaying guest
She is finally less irritable
watching it setting

She can't wait to bath
her clammy skin in the dark
Letting her hair out
to flirt with the moonbeam

My Best Is Poisonous

love boils down 
to ordinary minutes and hours
it is hard to escape 
from the mundane 
of food, sleep 
and bathroom trips

it makes it harder 
to please you
when my cooking always
falls short of your mother's

the only thing I manage better
is baking cakes
which turns out to be
a slow murder
to the diabetic you


1. Jabbed vs unjabbed
2. Green pass vs none
3. No jab no job
4. Unjabbed is accused to be selfish human beings
5. Plannedemic
6. Media control
7. "The New World Order"
8. Unjabbed quarantine camps
9. The pandemic of the unjabbed
10. This has never happened, don't know what you are talking about. It sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.


Lies her father told 
Fested within her

They formed a filter
Bluring her vision
They grew skin tags
Choking her breathing
They wrapped calluses
Around her heart

She saw the world
In distortion
She was suffocated
From lack of truth
Her heart was hardened
Inner vows took root

He father told lies
To her innocent little girl
Now she is imprisoned
Under his everlasting curse
She is plotting to destroy him
Before he does


My poem Yellow earned an honourable mention in Gabriela’s poetry contest. Original post Here

Beneath the golden wattle
We meet again to read poetry
The spring wind pays us a visit
I pick yellow out of your tawny locks
and brush them off your lips with a kiss
Your freckles bloom like pansies

This poem is inspired by Gabriela Marie Milton’s poem titled ‘Yellow’
in her latest published “Woman: Splendor and Sorrow”.
You may purchase from here: