Free Will

I look at lack
I look at abundance
My eyes fixate on lack
My heart ignores abundance
Lack brings its minions
My life is filled with dread

I am roaming amidst the crowd
with tall walls built around me
brick by brick from birth
I am invisible, miserable and unlovable
Living hell is the feeling of isolation
when surrounded by people

I pray to an unseen God
and wonder why He never responds
I guess
I chose not to see His existence
by my own free will
I am testing Him to see
if He is who He says He is
Will He pursuit a lost sheep relentlessly
Will He kick down the walls to save me


This is written for Denise’s Six Sentence Story word prompt – Confetti

We were so young.

It’s not our fault that
we didn’t have time
to rehearse life.

We didn’t understand that
stubborn promises were just a preface.

We loved so hard.

We were so inexplicable,
so endearing,
so annoying,
consumed by seven emotions
and six desires.

It was cold that day,
tears turned into ice,
snowflakes falling down
like confetti,
red-eyed, red-faced.

Tree and Paper

Living Poetry prompt – Tree

If only
you can see the future
You won’t get hung up
on wrapping your arms
around the memory
of your thriving youth

The old self you shed
pushing outward
to form calluses
telling the world
that you are wiser
by counting the rings
of your wrinkles

You never see the future
of your exhausted face
made into sheets of canvas
for beauty to take forms
pleasing to our eyes
and souls