Before Sunrise

Long Reef lookout, Sydney, Australia

I watch these two
before Sunrise

Knowing my father
values my son’s company
more than the glorious sun
He is an old man
seen many sunrises

My son
for the first time
experiences the magnificence
of a new day
with his favourite person

I love watching sunrise
But my eyes
cannot move pass
the love between them
They are worth
missing the sunrise for

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday
The world is a better place
because you are in it

Blow candles
wish a future without worries
Cut cakes
into seven slicers
like the footprints of your books

Happy many birthdays
You’ll see your children grow up
and experience the joy of your grandchildren

I’ll always think of you
on your birthday
you once lit up my world
The night sky is glorious
because of you

Soldier on

Living Poetry prompt writing – Waste Land

The city is stirred to uncertainty
among concrete slabs
and slate stones

Gray is the mood
mixing with false Hope
of a human Messiah
clothed in eloquent speech
and charisma

Change births no life
autumn leaves bring on doom
Yet, we are still hopeful
knowing the joy of spring

The vision of new life
and growth
gives us the strength
to plough through the wasteland

Blue Moon

Blue Moon was written in response to Jeff’s poem Orange Sky which was included in his poetry collection Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow.

Orange Sky by Jeff Flesch

orange is the color of the sky
and the image I find you in the night

dancing before my mind
althought I’m tired and weary

still I find in you delight

considering all the things you’ve done
like showing me how to become a man

while learning to let go of all my shame – complacency

drops instead

letting love burn through the atmosphere inside my heart and head

Blue Moon by Cassa Bassa

tonight the moon is blue
hung high over the ocean tide
murmuring love tunes
to stir up the calm water
within me

this blue flame
licking my already burning skin
reminds me of the orange sky
we lay under

the texture of your shyness
the layers of my wanting
peeling off the first blooms
of our love
and eternal desire

Pumpkin Field

Remember that pumpkin field
under the harvest moon
where we lay in the coolness of the night?

A beatle crawled around my ankle
while your fingers gliding between my longing
landed in a fire
ignited by our stardust kisses.

The shallow field matched our breaths.
The rough skin of the pumpkin fruits
reminded me of your raw passion
overcame the smoothness of my skin.