Behind Closed Doors

Say all the words
you need
to keep us tied
Silence is
a pair of

Tangle me
with your love
to keep
the door
Hatred is
a knot
the light

Fragmented Mind

To create
is to be in touch
with authentic self

Dissociation chokes creativity
instead, it births characters
through fantasy for survival

Seashell Sadness

You sent me a seashell
wrapped in bubbles
with a note saying

“When you miss me
hold it close
to play one of
the love notes
I wrote you
buried in white sand
where I sat each day
by the ocean
calling out your name”

I left the seashell
on my bookshelf
next to the books
you sent me
two summers ago

I am becoming
a hobby collector
who accumulates
broken promises
and empty dreams

I diligently dust
any remnant of hope
off the shelf
like a devoted nun
at her daily supplication
while your consistent contacts
constructed an abbey
holding my heart
in hostage


This acrostic poem is written based on Lucy’s word prompt – undergised (under energised, lack of energy)

Unbutton my head to expose to the light where
Nimbus clouds of anguish once coiled inside
Days of spiritual warfare hollowed my appetite
Energy was sapped like a deflated balloon
Ringing in my ears was the Accuser’s lies
Gossip, slander, backbiting, backstabbing
Inundated by relentless constant assault
Sour memories poured out in putrid spews
End time was no longer a pure distant theory
Destruction came from the evil resided in my mind

An Uninspired Poem

Today feels blah

Birds chirp
blah blah

People in the office
on the phone
blah blah blah

As usual
customers complain
blah blah blah blah

Needless to say
I don’t give a blah
blah blah


Patch of Grass

Who does grass
more justice than him

We all casually think
they are green

Under Vincent’s brush
they are fireworks
hidden in plain shells

In vibrant hues
and starbursts
we are awestruck
by his aesthetic launch

Monday Day off

Today is Monday
I squeez in a day off
to watch the tree
outside my window
swing and swagger along
the April sun
in her multi coloured
fringe mini skirt

She dazzles me with her
captivating performance
My morning sickle moon eyes
roused by her light
She is more energising
and invigorating
than my morning coffee
Yet much more hynotising

I slide back underneath
my comfy blanket
thinking of
dreaming more

Wedding Crasher

This piece is written inspired by Autumn’s arrival. I wrote Autumn as the bride, and I am the jealous wedding crasher.

The church bell rings
My heart skips a beat

The vision of you
in all your splendour
turns my blushing cheeks
into specks of dirt
beneath your feet
for flower girls to sit on
around the hem
of your bridal gown

I cannot bear the sight
of your groom
takes your hand
and the glow
reflected off of his eyes

I swear
I want to be the blizzard
to blow off your wedding
and kidnap you
into my avalanche
of love