Dead man walking

he is in so much pain
that his world
is under general anaesthetic

every morning
the bitter and stale black coffee
barely jumpstarts his heartbeat

every commute to work
is like driving in
a sound proof booth
traffic moves like tropical fish
in a tank

every human interaction he has
resembles Pecking opera
too loud
too strenuous
too much makeup plastered on

he is so exhausted
that the night
becomes the tomb
where he finally
lays to rest

The light

Yesterday and further away
I heard the blame
I grew anxious

Today I hear the accusation
I grow angry

Maybe today
I am no longer the she
who was in denial of
being treated disrespectfully
accused with contempt

Maybe today
The veil falls off
I see the truth
for the first time
the righteous anger
rises in me
I am no longer afraid

Chicken or Egg, Love or Sex

chicken or egg first?
love or sex first?

chicken gives birth to an egg
love gives birth to sex

the birth of an egg is like a flash
comparing the coming of a chicken
the moment of sex is temporal
while love is infinite

it’s tragic if a chicken bears no egg
so is love barren in the absence of sex


the world is never in darkness
except the brief moment of an eclipse

light never sleeps
except the brief moment of intermission

we are soaked in so much of its glory
we are actually in awe of its disappearance

we overlook so many blessings
to focus on the specks of trouble
like we speculate the blood moon

Walk away

don’t pack
another person’s life
into your suitcase
walk away
the most valuable will
to survive

the shell you lived in
was long decayed
with warm toned furniture
fluffy rugs
and distant smiles in
old photographs

don’t think about tomorrow
what you will need
tomorrow takes care of itself
take hold of today
you have lived on
the unattended emotions
the isolation from life
the false hatred of yourself

walk away
you walk away
from ruin
a new vista

How I came to be

I remember
they said I was a misfit child
I remember
they said I was a depressed teenager
I remember
they said I wasn’t beautiful
I remember
they said I was a people pleaser
I remember
what they said did not break me

I know
I am a unique creation
I know
I feel the weight of life and people
I know
I believe wisdom is beautiful
I know
I am quick to forgive
I know
What they said has made me whole


I love blues and greens
and the nudes in between.
The blue sky and the green hills
make everything in between neutral.
My eyes are too satisfied to notice
all the colourful butterflies.
Maybe I am just as simple minded
as the heaven and earth on grand display.