God crafted you
and gifted you to me

It was meant for me
to teach you
how to soar across the sky
with only a thin string
in my unskilled hands

I was so scared
to let you fly high
watching the wind toss you
into the unknown
doing somersaults
in the middle of a storm
keeping your head
above the murky clouds

You agilely danced
across the atmosphere
rode above the turbulence
trusting I had the string
to keep you afloat

I looked at my empty hands
I looked up at your freedom
and marvelled
God had filled the uncertainty
in between



Let us fall into each other’s eyes
swim as one
from the tip of the bay
to the deepest heartbeat

In God’s presence
let us burn into sublime beauty
my name inked in your skin
your blood flows in my arteries




We are such homebodys
the couch is our sanctuary
where the shapes of us
sinking into
the wings of a butterfly
gives life to our dream

There is no more safer space
than the span of us
where body temperature
is within reach
our flesh
is in contact
each of our worlds
knitted into one
bright colourful
landscape of

we are home at ease
in one breath
one flesh
one uniting
force of life


archery, golf, gun shooting
precision sports are invigorating

in the shooting range
weight-forward stance
loaded pistol in steady hands
focus on the target X to line up three dots
screen out the other lanes’ startling sound
hold my breath and pull the trigger
adrenaline hits at the fall of loud bangs
bullet holes mapping the target sheet
the close to perfection
drives me for more rounds

Parallel genes

culture difference shows up
when it comes to comics
your western super heros
my eastern mystic figures
like two far apart genes
without any cross-over

abstract art background blur
Photo by Tejas Prajapati on

A tiny poem

is full stop an ending
ending in a dot
a dot of minuscule
minuscule holds the power of an ending
an ending of a life
a life springs from the ending


Walmart is set up for
minimal to zero
human contact
roam through
without any communication
with another soul
it suits
a list shopper
like me perfectly

Walmart, the one stop shop
everything is under
the same chilled
steel roof
sturdy steel carts
wheel along
the concrete floor
every package is
well thought through
how can anyone not try
the new line
new flavor
new launch
they are screaming
in silence
in bold capital prints
the shrinking pay check
also suffers in silence

Walmart is a considerate
shopping destination
for a shopper like me
wearing worn out t-shirt
faded jeans
cheap flip-flops
with fungal infected toenails