Love goes on

This is an interpretation of Jun’s poem which was written in chinese.


Blue sky peeps through the snow
Spring bursts forth the cold days
Love cycles amidst the lonely nights
We survive another season of separation

Cave Woman

The household noises
in the wee hours
of the night
ignites rage
in me

I lie in bed
eyes closed
grinding my teeth
a fire ball
rises from my stomach
to my chest
melting the tight strings
sends flames to my throat
choking my screams
ascends further to my head
ants on a hot plate
burnt smoke smell
in the air

I realise
I am a cave woman
Urban living
with others
will eventually execute


some days
the walls we built
crumble down
to burry us
in gravels
so god damn heavy
can’t escape
our lungs filled
with dust
can’t breathe
we have gone under
there is no further down
to go
the only way
is up

We Are One

The Living Poetry prompt


Despair is hidden in all walks of life
Pain does not discriminate against people
We suffer with our brothers and sisters
Not in silence
But in the open
The act of service is being there
Hand in hand
Side by side
Listening, sharing, caring
Supporting and doing life together
As one


She holds them
like crystal glasses
drinks from them
their sparks, strength
and class

They make her lips
ultra voluptuous
the way they dance
across her bottom lip
the cherry wine
stains them
into crimson velvet

She treats them
with dull conversation
and scratches them
with her sharp claws
the closer they get
the clearer her fangs


My God is a big big God. He has the whole world in His hand.

God I am sorry I told Jimmy he is stupid becuase You don’t think he is stupid and You don’t think I am stupid for saying that.

Thank you for a sunny day. My kitten can go outside and play.

Please help the bushfires, the firefighters, people lost their homes and the dying animals in Australia.

Please help me to always remember how good You are and how much You love me.


I love you like a sunflower looks up patiently for the rain
I love you like a child dances freely with the ocean waves
I love you like a helper takes upmost pride in her protector
I love you like a humble servant selflessly waits her master
I love you like a saint keeps no record of wrongs
I love you like a gentle soul forever keeps you safe and secure
I love you like this all my waking moment every day
I don’t know how to love you any other way