He wasn’t sure
he was hated
by his mother
she could not have loved him
by all the cursing
and beatings

She wasn’t sure
a boy she born
could not be a blessing
she should have felt the joy
holding him on her bosom

He wasn’t sure
the mother and son
could not bond
they should have been happy
the seed was kept
within family blood


I didn’t dream because dreams were far fetched.
You came to fulfill my dreams.
So, I didn’t feel awkward of being ordinary.
You made my ordinary life wonderful.

I didn’t wait because waiting was for fools.
You came to me making yourself a fool.
So, I didn’t feel guilty of being impatient.
You made me see that I was worth waiting for.

Non ho sognato perchƩ i sogni erano inverosimili.
Sei venuto per realizzare i miei sogni.
Quindi, non mi sentivo a disagio per essere normale.
Hai reso meravigliosa la mia vita ordinaria.

Non ho aspettato perchĆ© l’attesa era per gli sciocchi.
Sei venuto da me facendoti ridere.
Quindi, non mi sentivo in colpa per essere impaziente.
Mi hai fatto capire che valeva la pena aspettare.


I know there is a wound left
close but not open
I know it is there
but it does not hurt
It has to be very very quiet
when I notice the shadow of it
I only know it is there
becuase you have been nursing it
there is so much care you give
it is oozing out love
from that wound

Shift in the Air

I am wrapped in a little turquoise bubble
with lung full of love filled aqua air
breathing out golden bright sunflowers
lighting up the October azure sky
late Summer surrenders to tangerine charm
so does our love to Autumn’s charisma

Ocean Spring

A Collaboration of Cassa and Lucy

dark clouds gather overheadĀ as the rolling thunder
sets my soul on fire

lightning brings about the sparkĀ 
I longed to ignite our flameĀ 

overflowing in the depths of my tempestuous heartĀ 
my inner sense of desire
yearning for the calm waves to wash over meĀ 

ever so gentle rhythmic in unison with my heart beat
the lull of your breathing brings aboutĀ 
a peaceful and serene plateau of joyous abandonmentĀ 

your voice, so quiet and sublime
echos in the distance far from silent ears
nothing measures up to the peace you grant me
the gentle trickle spring you let inĀ 
in painstaking patience
nourishes my weathered heart

unbeknown to you
the frozen particles in my being thaw in your presence
you are the heart and soul of my universeĀ 
your spring overflows my cupĀ 

A Woman with Few Words

There are riches within me
that may not surface in words
Words I utter often in solo, acoustic or quietened sound
Sound is such a gravitating instrument
An instrument appeal to particular ears

There are many dialogues in my head
I swim in my own head and thoughts
never feel the need to voice them
They are neither crazy nor important natured
I enjoy organising them internally in the space between my ears

When I do get to say them aloud
they are simple and in plain languages
that I am sure the audience cannot mistake their meanings or weight
If I use the minimum amount of words in the most simple form
then there is little misunderstanding
and little chance to be twisted

If I say
‘I love you’
and it means simply that in the most weighty way

The Middle Finger to The Seven Virtues

The Living Poetry prompt – Virtuous

Temperance rivals with yolo
Charity veils sinister corruption
Chastity cops technicality in the arse
Diligence finds no place in fast money
Humility runs a mile from self promotion
Patience means Amazon vs of Amazon Prime
Kindness shies away from publicised name and shame

Unread Emails

4631 unread email

that’s easy
I carelessly ticked the agreement box
and then came the flood of subscription emails
not only did the subscribed content appear
but also their family and remote relatives

I felt overwhelmed
then procrastinating
then denial
then avoidance
then anxiety
then guilt

the elimination of the email inbox
and that’s how I lost your emails
I am sorry