Thoughts on Old Photos XI

You won’t know the future by thinking, pondering or debating
but responding to the calling of a wife and a mother
and envisioning him respected at the city gate




She searched love everywhere
But no matter how many catches
professed their love for her
she still felt
the hole in her heart
the passion unquenched
until she heard the voice above
and she understood
the meaning of love
then she was finally satisfied

brown book page
Photo by Wendy van Zyl on


You are remembered on earth here
where the land meets the sea
Your ashes and bones vibrated
by the waves battering the rocks
and yet
you are begging for more
to remind you that
your life is ongoing
after its last breath
till the ocean erodes the land
You go under the water
and be free

Photos by Cassa Bassa, Waverly cemetery, Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia


Six Sentence Story prompt – Random

Rain always brings me surprise
Autumn burns me with her splendid colours
No one comes into my life by chance
Devine appointment has its exact time and place
October 2010 you walked into me to escape the rain
Moments in life are never random

The Girl Next Door

The first time I saw you
I was an innocent child
just wanted to pull the ribbon off your hair
to see your golden locks shimmering
in the summer sun

Since then
every time I see you
I unwrap you like a present
with my delicate hands
layer by layer
to reveal the surprise
you have kept me guessing
with your mysterious charm

I always keep my childlike innocence
to receive you,
a gift
graced by God


The Living Poetry prompt – rudiment

I am a steady builder
with a simple mind

So I think
if I take hold of the rudiment of love
I will just build on it note by note
until a love song is created
and sung in harmony
for the rest of our humble life

Halfway through
I realise I am confronted with a pattern
that will not flow in one accord
it is like a stream from the mountain top
descending with the landslide
I believe it will make it on its own
landing somewhere destined by Mother Earth

In the end
I will bawl my eyes out
wholeheartedly celebrating
a masterpiece which we are meant to create together
but now
only you in the centre stage
surrounded by applause
without the sight of me

Out in The Numbness

The rain says so many forbidden words
synchronising with every bit of fear
that she is unable to express
The infrequent sound falls on
a shaky ground built on anxious thoughts
trying to keep up with the rhythm
like catching reality in a chaotic mind
She wonders why the winter rain feels so dry

shallow focus photography of rain on the window
Photo by Dhyamis Kleber on


I remember those fun beach afternoons
We bathed in the gossamer autumn sun
Daddy’s shoulders were the mountains we climbed
Mummy’s arms were the swing we clung to
The secluded Clovelly echoed the wonderful childhood
which we locked away in our fond memory

Painting by Virginia Bucknell

you may see more of Virginia’s paintings via: Art Lovers Australia  Weebly   Instagram

Split Existence

I wrote bit by bit
made up a glimpse of me
in the reflection of someone
on a glassy lake
a smudge of ripple
stole the peace
and I was undisturbed
by despondency