Do and Be

Life is fragile when we think it will go on.
Do things you always want to do and you don’t need to be ready.
Go places you always want to be without planning.
See people you want to see just because.
Say I love you to someone special and not worry if you hear it back.
Life is fragile and you live it as intended.


Another Fairy Tale Ends

The Living Poetry prompt – bench, rain

Continents apart day after day, “When you come back, I’ll be here.” I remember you said.

I am standing here foolishly holding onto a distant promise soaked in the winter rain.

The bench is painted red.

Is it a sign for good luck or just man made passion to hide the worn-out memory?

We need to be sure there is nothing left to say, to explain, to retain.

Pain, I finally ready to let go.

It shivers out of my heart into the cold.


My heart is heavy
in mourning
begging for air

He let satan deceive him
played God to murder
with his bare hands

His own will
took an innocent man’s life
in the name of justice

My soul is saturated
with despair
Have mercy on us!
Forgive us
as we sinned against


The man in a suit, you are, so composed and strong

She trusts her life with you

The beast on the other hand, you too, untamed and utterly wild

She scratches and tastes coppery delight

This poem is inspired by The Fragrance Writer Jay Bleu’s original post Reflection Man


The Living Poetry prompt – Name

Sweet citrus floats on woody pine
Ageless wisdom abundant and fine
Golden dreams rest in your smile
Elegant green rope dresses up your crown


Passing midnight anything goes
The wolf says
He is a cheeky bugger really
Amusing most of the time
And sometimes he makes you blush
Wish you can just flip your apron to cover your eyes
But that will be indecent to show your buck naked body
Grandma was right
Girls should never cook wearing nothing
I thought it was just the oil splatters
Now I know it is more than that
The wolf passes midnight is the real worry here