A regretful encounter

He sees her
a peony thriving
in prime
Her perfection inescapable to
the every cell
in his being
Her lack of fragrance
infuses his senses
with pure nature
Her contentment
in full bloom
with early signs
of fading
His impulse
drives him to preserve
her beauty

She holds him
in adoration
sends him whisper of longing
restrains to speak of tomorrow
She knows too well
her tomorrow is retreating
from this world
his is to take hold of
each sunshine on offer
on this earth

She takes a selfie
sends it to him
to retain the memory
of this perfect moment
in such a regretful time

Family apart

The air becomes depressing
at the last twenty minutes
the kids packing their bags
putting their shoes on reluctantly
then the breaking point comes
when they whisper
‘Can’t we stay for another day?’
knowing another day is
in two weeks time

There is no word to do justice
to the thick sadness
and beat-up helplessness
when doing the family embrace
the circle of love with
uniting hope for
this weekend will be
the everyday norm
when we all dash to
the finishing line
of an eight year


Crooked spikes of the rustic iron gate licking the hellfire sky

Luring sound of the cello playing softly to whisper promise of happy memories and haunting stories

His footsteps on the garden path pebbles are giving away kernels of excitement

Restraint by the French windows, he swallows at the view of her untarnished body wrapping around the maple cello

She exhibits as the most porcelain icy celestial body on the Kuiper belt

The divine tone of cello is escalating from mellow to vibrant, lustrous to transcendental to dark

The forbidden pleasure shoots through his legs, groin, abdomen to his heart forming a lump in his Adam’s apple

He dares not let out the primal cry, not even a low groan to disturb the masterful performance

The vibration slapping his core in ebbs and flows

His rhythmic breathing orchestrates harmoniously with the evocative cello melody to reach the pinnacle of perfection

When the silence finally falls and the music gives in to exhaustion, their eyes meet, locked in a fulfilling gaze

Lost in me

you look so beautiful
begging for more
every time
I go deeper
your indigo pupils
bloom into aqua
the reflection of me
is a force of passion
and fire of lust
the sound of
your muffled scream
drives me to push
beyond the limit of

500 words

500 words
that’s what
I need to write
if I break it down
5 paragraphs
that’s all
500 words

1st paragraph
102 words
go over it
grammatical errors
jarring sentences

one fifth of the journey
already feeling

I will do it all over
for four more times
to make up
500 words
is that really

writing maybe simple
for you
for me
it is a painstaking process
I put myself through
for character building


I wake up
with my face pressing on
a bed of mossy virility
vulnerable flesh wrapped in
a plush raspberry blanket

From the vivid dream land
to the lucid reality
I am far from dissatisfaction

My only hope is
staying undisturbed
let each breath
guide our synchronised energy
into one uniting force
gently slapping our souls
to one acord



summer night
fairy lights

burning sun sets
you are mine

sand between our legs
tangled in a tent

heavy breathing in the dark
sticky skin tames the sparks

passion ignited under the pale moonlight
bodies grind in rhythm of tides


silhouette of man and woman kissing
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com