Industrialisation Side Effect

We do life
in such a rush
let beauty
slip through time

Our minds are racing
in such speed
leaving ideas

People are
less tolerant
missing out on
the wisdom
of the prudent

We exist
this mere existence
drowning in
short supply
of joy

Melancholy Life

This piece is a translated meaning of Jun’s original poem in Chinese. Jun is a loving husband, a proud father and a successful business man. His love for literature and tea remain throughout his life.

I only know this life even reincarnation may be real. The rain stopped as tears also dried out in my hollow and withered frame. I may sit in solitary and mesmerised by the past. And yet no amount of sweet memory surpasses my speck of reality.

Time drifted away and aged me. I still broadcast my love to the clouds. They echo within the walls of my ears, so loud and clear. But I wake up every morning and experience the same realisation that they are just dreams. I cannot defeat this mundane life. Poetry and prose are my only hope to keep on living.

不论几世仅一生,泪干雨歇花凋零, 重忆情恩俱往昔,柔情蜜意愧真人。 不论光阴岁月残,对云寄语几心思, 回音徒塞两耳鸣,岂知梦醒一场空, 按停时空成俗子,待将余生做愚诗。

The Harvest Moon

We were free spirited teenagers
rolling in the fresh hay
We had just grew out of rough and tumble play
and learned to blush while our skin lightly touched

Those days there were curfews in the village
Watches were not in our posession like time
While our parents folded the night in sheets of peaceful sleep
We were left out in the barn under the October harvest moon

Neither of us knew how to wind down
from that restless playful energy
Our hands shifted from tickling to messing of hair
Our laughter drowned out the cricket’s anthem

Eventually darkness cast over us like a heavy blanket
Our breaths became auditable
rapid, rushing, out of sync
the build-up and pre-warning of a tsunami
The calm moon was unable to rein in the untamed young blood


Six Sentence Story word prompt – Service

You had told me ‘I love you’ for one thousand days. I really thought it meant something weighty.
The bouquets, the words, the hard working late nights were your acts of service. I had mistaken.
How dare you asked me to forgive and forget all your lies.
That night, I tore my robe in anger while you tore my heart apart.

The End

Being misunderstood on a specific matter
I have the courage to explain

Being accused of bearing ill intentions
I have no need to engage

Believing lies is a choice you made
Believing us is a mistake I made

Early Autumn Flood

It's the prelabour 
of something precious
and beautiful

The gushing wind uproots
young trees
Mother earth is wailing
for her final push

In one second
of absolute silence
born a new babe
with amber hair
blonde eyelashes
and hazel orbs

The prophecy is fulfilled

Flicker of Thoughts (Reblog)

Tara from Raw Earth Ink created this piece based on the name of my blog. It took me to a scene deep into a story I so wanted to read more…

“in a way, it was savage
the way you held my hand
a little too tight
a little too firm
nails biting into
the back of my hand

in a quiet corner of my mind
there stood a tiny thing
just a flicker of thought
in the recesses, shadowed
shrouded in doubt
yet true nonetheless

and I knew, I really knew
there was no mystery
I’d read the signs
you stood a little too close
breath heavy, hot on my neck
I swayed but stood my ground

every movement you made
a veil lifting behind my rapidly
blinking eyelids
memories marching forth
revealing all your true intentions
every phrase holding hidden meaning

and the flickering thought brightens
the idea, a plan, formulating
I will break these shackles
the weight, the savagery will lift
your influence will, like reins, loosen
I will see my freedom

if only I feed the courageous flame

tara caribou | ©2021

Another in my series of using blogger site titles or tagline as a writing prompt. The poem has no relation to the blog or blogger other than using their title (in this case, “Flicker of Thoughts” from Cassa Bassa) as a prompt. I hope you enjoy!”

Rain from My Office Window

The street dresses in grey on grey urban style
To hide her tireness,
she puts on a silver mesh veil
oscillating between the traffic chaos
and the office chatter

Blenheim Bouquet

This poem is inspired by Jay Bleu the Fragrance Writer blog

Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon is a unisex perfume first launched in 1902.

She carries a fresh and enegertic presence

On a horse back
she drives the wooden ball vigorously
between the goal posts

She is among the dashing ones
smoking tabacco pipes
and drinking Diamond Jubilee whiskey
while remain a hint
of igniting sensuality