I love losing myself
in these intricate designs
They are more captivating
than good movies

I feel like a child again
presented with blank pages
of the world
where I give life to fantasy
using full spectrum of colours

Blog Reading

I want to tell a story
that touches you
without giving away
the intimate part
of my soul.

without a piece of my soul,
how would I reach you?

Would a story worth reading
if it is told
in a soulless way?

I guess,
without sieving through
all the dirt,
I would’t come across


Things I learned from wearing a mask:
My own sneeze has a foul smell so most surprises are unappealing.
Tolerating my own noisome grime may help ease my fellow human’s anxiety.
It’s affirmative that I prefer to be unseen and blend right in the crowd.
Being able to stay sociable is worth the risk of wearing a mask.
And yet I still rather stay home more.


Six Sentence Story prompt – Zip

We have been close since we shared a seesaw on the playground at kindergarten.
I always remember as teenagers, we lied on the lawn in your backyard to count clouds. You said my head was always in the clouds so I was destined to be a sad poet, and I said you were as dramatic as an unpredictable downpour so you belonged to the stage.
You have been zipped in and out of my life, some times as exciting as a celebrity rash, at times like an annoying mosquito. I hold dear the fun time we shared and forgive you always stole the spotlight.
Today, we are here to celebrate a life lived fully and a soul brighter than sunshine.


the insignificant sand cells
sculpted by tangy waves
and mighty wind
become ever-changing landscape

menmories the lighthouse replays
between the sun and the moon
last a lifetime of agony
as well as happiness

the cycle of life and death
and the fragility of
inability to fortell
is the exact climax of beauty

Photo by Cassa Bassa at Nobby’s Beach, Newcastle, Australia

Life is Not A Catwalk

I was given a title “Life is Not A Catwalk” as a prompt. Here I produced…

Fast fashion is not a lie

It’s the bright side we choose to see
Models walk on the illuminating stage
showing off the season’s new look like fireworks
a spur-of-the-moment glam and blink

There is the other side we refuse to see
the workers in the sweat shop
the carbon pollution emitted to the atmosphere
a lifetime unrepairable planet

If buying clothes makes you happy
there is something else also to bring you joy
Keep searching
You will find it and be satisfied

Old Pair of Hands

Her hands
traveled a great distance in time
from her mother’s nourishing bosoms
led by her father’s sturdy palms

Her hands
was given away to a trustworthy man
whose gentle touch unlocked her heart
overflown with joy

Her hands
were latched on by tiny fingers
fragile and angelic
never ever letting go

Her hands
traveled afar in the land
from the touch of life giving soil and rain
to the production line and paperwork
the wrinkles told of her life long hard work
the sun spots apprised her of a blessed long life