birds sing like any other day
I hear
just my brain does not register

wear a floral print dress today
I hope
it will brighten my day

big breakfast light lunch small dinner
I prefer
coffee after coffee, dark ones

say I love you and be extra helpful
I’ve mistaken
everybody is so in lack

go for a stroll
I wish
my legs are not filled with lead

take a bath
I imagine
the tub may become a crime scene

perhaps be spontaneous
I know
making a suicide plan is
plan to fail for
a perfectionist

Love song dedication

la la la la la…
you sing to me earnestly
hum incessantly
your pitch break through the frozen panes
guiding me to sail the stormy flakes

la la la la la…
I respond to you hazily
haing in tune
searching for the warm glow
in the fortress of snow plains

are you there
are you there my love…
you sing to me earnestly
hum incessantly
your pitch break through the frozen panes
guiding me to sail the stormy flakes

over here
over here my love
I respond to you desparately
haing in sync
searching for the rescue light
in the fortress of snow plains

I am yours
I am yours la la la la la
you sing to me earnestly
hum incessantly

make me whole
make me whole waah waa….
I give out despondent cries
galvanising another court of ice sculptures

Self conscious

i wonder why
the pool guy turned up for work
in Speedos

is it necessary?

what if i change into boob tubes
staring down the runway

it is not neccessary!

Final breath

If you would ever know
my deepest desire
to have you relentlessly

The post passion ignited combustion
restlessly unsettled
swirled its way to the pilot light
adrenaline fueled exhausion
forged ahead to final explosion
into crimson chaos

My soul swaying the brush strokes
fashioning a pair of red dust dolls
in the purest form of creation

It is done!

Barely contained

Have you ever
Have you ever wanted someone so much
It crippled your mind

Have you ever needed someone so much
It burned you alive

You spoke my heart out in my ear
So I am under no illusion, delusion, of this resolution

There are ripples, a volcano, firecrackers, hot springs in my heart

I lay face down to keep them simmering, stewing, supressing

Behind the giggles

Sulphurous fumes bubbling up hot springs
Pressure cooker letting out scorching  steam
Our giggles channeling burning needs

Test of patience

a blessing or a curse
ability to see the end
standing at the starting line

what’s in between
my zone out territory
are many animations

ants on a hot plate
octopus in frenzy delinquency
penguins in distress
snails on strike

for self amusement
I dream up mismatches
hopeless romantic and psychopath
rescuer and victim
provider and freeloader

it doesn’t matter in the end
harmony or dissonance
started at the same line
ended in destiny
what’s in between
test of patience


with my eyes close
remembering the care free
once in my possession

late summer days
sky blue as the clear reflection
of a still lake
under a swaying elm tree
watching the hula dancer
whirling the grass skirt

the sporadic sunlight
playing laser skirmish
I surrendered with
straight lined eyes
escaping its piercing
perfect timing to drift off
in the midday heat

tropical islands
prismatic corals in crystal water
hot breeze brushing my sundress
the hula dancers
whirling their grass skirts

swallowing down my dry scratchy throat
thirsty for the fresh coconut liquid
olive tanned skin man
cutting coconuts with a machete

thud thud!
no signs of coconuts
only pigeons
pecking lawn grubs

the intermittent sunrays
still fairly playful
I surrendered by
packing up my picnic rug
concluded my dreaming of the day

Tunnel Gallery

living in the gloomy dullness of life
I saw the piercing light
like the mobile phone notification flashing at night

walking through this unfamiliar tunnel
seeker of the illumination
stretch my arms to the walls
guiding my path in the pitch black

my fingers interpreting the rough fossils on the walls
they speak despair, torment, light and beauty
frame by frame these engraving paintings of art
I drench in all the emotions on offer
without sight
my kinesthetic fingers
reading them in wondrous

you are the light drawn me to the walk
your life I have experienced
in this tunnel of art
when I finally reach you
I will be undone, done and