walking on the pale sandy beach
spotting treasures in the sparkling sun
enough to whisk away the pensive mind

submerging in such shimmer
daydreaming the clouds to be
a motion picture of happy memories

until the edge of a rock or
a broke shell
cutting underneath her foot

the clouds turn into a violent swirl
brown bleeding out into the muted sand
from a place of torment

empty drink bottles
a monster broken capillary face
wild eyes flaming
savage shaking of a slim form

empty promises
an innocent blood drained cheeks
fearful stare vacating
prey falling off an arrow

how many times those cuts
drove her to the dark shadow
ignoring the brightly shining sun

gossamer waves reflecting off the water
old blood fading away into the saline foam
like the broken shells
in mock dismay

Impression of you

with my intuitive detecting eyes
scrolling through your photo gallery

the vulnerable eyes
immersed in deep thought
antient and karmic
with a hint of
primal longing

time stands still
the clock chokes in the
curiosity infused air

a surge of
puppy love
casting its net on me

i am cacooned in your
inescapable presence

A poem

A reminder pop up on my screen
A check in call is due
A habit of mine
Always check the file notes
A flash of subject line ‘tenancy vacated’
An instinct to open the note
‘Advised by tenant’s sister tenant deceased’
Attila is dead!

A flush of memory of our last check in
A stroke he had
A sequence of specialist appointments
Anxious about his puberty son
Apologise for not coming to the scholarship ceremony
A good wish for my beauty in slurry speech

A last good bye
An end to the line
Attila and me
A client to his advisor

A prayer said to his son
Alone in this world fatherless
Acne face
Angry displaced
A lost sheep
Alchemist in the making is
All I prayed


I love you

I love falling in love with you

I love being in love with you

I love loving you





Your fingers leaving burn marks
then kissing them off
one by one

Set me on fire
burning us to ashes
rebirth again
new for the dawn

Bring on the new buds
pulling the heartstrings
play me like a symphony
pleasing to Amor

peeling off petals
one by one
fragrance scattering
intoxicating all senses

The body once a wasteland
slowly soaking up the dewdrops
trickle to a stream
a river
a sea
a tsunami


wherever I go I carry your heart with me

the despised, jealous look of people cannot penetrate you
the famine, the war torn cannot waver you
the coldness of the world cannot freeze you
the darkness cannot devour you

for I carry your heart with me wherever I go

Moonlight cinema

The old Ford carried our young souls under the starry sky
slowly rolling into the moonlight cinema

stretched on the worn leather seat
resting my feet on the dash

bubble gum blowing while you tuning the radio frequency to the movie

rolling my head to mess up my hair to
the rock and roll remaining sound
in my head

the sound of your coke can letting out a yawn
woke me just in time for the movie previews

shuffling chips bags and salted cashews
manically getting ready before
the 15 minute preview ran out

“hey Puff!” you called out to me
I looked up through my bird’s nest hair
like a curious new born

you leaned over and kissed the four petals of my lips
my face relaxed and a smile started to bloom

we lazed in the worn leather seats
lounging into each other
a line of wriggling toes on the dash
two young souls
sharing a movie – Fast and Furious
in the old Ford

How many movies
how many coke can yawnings
how many chips and salted cashews
and how many moonlight smooches…


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You were raging, splattering, raving and rattling the cage

I was standing and watching you in amazement

I was made to have keen observant eyes to spot you

You gravitated me to glue to your contorting face even in the most gruesome illustration

You could bring on the devil’s horns
I felt at ease and knew
I would tame that to peace

You were raging, splattering, raving and rattling the cage

I was standing and watching you in amazement

I stepped agilely forward to unlatch the gate
You leaped out and landed all over me
four eyes met
your flames mellowed into
my whirlpool of affection