There is a fine line between:

A champion and who is motivated by the joy of the journey

A clown and who tastes only pain

A craftsman and who understands his limitation to perfection

A daydreamer and who follows the dream

A giver and who also counts receiving as a blessing

A leader and who leads by serving

A performer and who sees through the performance

A providers and who leans on God’s provision

A thinker and who advances the idea


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What is forever?

What is now?

Travelled a life time to this moment

In eternity,

there is no time.



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A fragile dandelion

carried by the wind

with broken wings

wandering off to the end of the horizon

the pain in her only heals by wanderlust

In my waking moments

I long for another glimpse of her

By night

My soul sings to the edge of the sea

Oh my little fragile dandelion!


Naughty little secret

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I am your naughty little secret

only comes alive at night

you watch me dancing in the dark

delete after each show

I only hide in the cloud

every now and then

I surprise you with a peek-a-boo

holding our secret close


Hope in pain

I am rendering 4 walls

in my heart

because my baby is dying

the anticipating pain

I cannot bear

night is my enemy

it tricks me to hear my baby is crying

I bow my face to the ground

oh Lord!

Your promise of life

will not return void

This is my only hope

in the tomb I am preparing in my heart

for my baby’s burial

from this life to eternity


My heart shattered by his pain

I long for his smile in the shower of your light

on earth as it is in heaven

So young he is, I beg

restore his childlike innocence

wisdom only comes with time

A dying child, a dying mother’s wish and

only hope!

The bitter root

I love this city in dark silence

The vibrant and intellectual day fades into alluring artistic night scene

The hills lay off a man’s duty by day

The boy in me leaped out walking the streets

The songs came again from the car radio afar

My lips were chanting the familiar melodies my father once loved

I tilted my head up towards the moonlight

Holding the rolling tears in the well of my eyes

Big boys don’t cry!

Perhaps it’s the invitation of the blood moon night,

the open arms of the January assertive silence

I let out the forbidden wailing

Anguish to the lies, to the betrayal, to the abandonment

The boy in me were fueled by rawness of hurt

My howling to the moonlight returned needles on my skull

I grew in rage

Forcefully a man rose to stand tall

Declared vows and judgements

only God will break

We got a thing

The first time I saw you

I loved you… I was sweet to you

Everytime I see you

My mouth curves up to a moon, my eyes to a straight line

You can be naughty… you can be vicious… you can be cold shoulders to me

We got a thing between us my beloved

We love and affectionate to only one

Loyal, intimate and eternal

We look at each other, rub our noses

Smitten… gooey… heavenly

– dedicated to cat lovers