Goodbye Mum! Hi Mum!

I couldn’t find much family photos with Mum in it, to put into the slide show for her celebration service. There were plenty photos of me with Dad and other family members.

That summed up how I felt about Mum. She wasn’t in my life that much. It was Dad took me to school on my first day, and she managed to miss almost all my significant firsts.

I held such belief until the day of her funeral. A relative of ours gave me a hug when she arrived at the service. She said to me with teary eyes, ‘I am gonna miss your mother, she had always been there for everyone and made herself invisible.’

Throughout the service, I heard Mum’s friends and family members telling stories of their fond memories of Mum. In their minds, Mum was this selfless woman who always shyed away from the crowd, just like the photos. She ran around to snap memories and hid behind the camera.

It daunted on me that she did the same with me. She worked hard and provided for our family and barely took any credit for that. I would prefer her to be a mummy bear to nurture me, instead, she was a lone eagle. I realised how much she had shielded me. I was just too frighten to look up to her when she soared with me above the storm of life.

The Art of Life

The Six Sentence Story word prompt – Video

It took a life time to sketch our love story. 
There is magic in this old medium where beauty crafted from painstaking attention.
It would be ideal if we recorded our first encounter and played it back when we wanted to walk away from each other. 
If we could make a copy of our honeymoon and broadcast it throughout our hardship, it would have been an easier journey.
Video held old memories as new, we wanted to believe. 
But after a life time of creation, our story became a piece of intriguing art.


Six Sentence Story word prompt – Deal

Life dealt him a bad hand that no child should have had withstood. A broken soul became a harden man who experienced no pleasure nor pain in the act of violence. Prison life gave him a chance to be a vigilante who did justice for the abused and murdered children. 

He thought about the Boss upstairs a lot actually. He thought to himself ‘I am only an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I will make it to heaven. My life isn’t such a bad deal after all.’

Mark ‘Choper’ Read’s final interview: Every Confession

It’s Gonna Be Ok

Six Sentence Story prompt – Nebulous

She sits in her grandma’s rocking chair crocheting the blanket she started but too frail to finish.

It’s hard to imagine a nebulous future when grandma passes. They have been looking after each other all her life. She doesn’t know otherwise.

She knows for a fact that she will be without a home when that inevitably happens. However, there is also this deep set of knowing and belief that it’s going to be ok, just like grandma always says.

Crutch Free

Six Sentence Story word prompt – Grip

Rhyming is like a pencil grip. I started to write poetry in forms and rhymes which guided me and trained me in discipline.

I long ditched the once safe guard. I figured that if I kept walking with a crutch, I hardly walk in freedom.

There are still times I rhyme, given the word chosen is the best fit to the line. There is comfort in knowing a satisfying piece of work finds its way back to basic, the pencil grip.

The Danger of Introspection

Some of us look inward to find answers and healing because we think it will be more achievable to do it on our own instead of counting on others or relying on external forces.

We have seen the ugly of this world. When we search deep within, we realise we perhaps see the same ugly. The only difference is, this time, we no longer can ignore the ugly by walking away. We carry that ugly inside and we don’t know how to get rid of it.

We may hear that by searching our heart, we will find answers and even treasures. The reality is that ‘out of the heart flows the issues of life’. It’s almost like the chicken or the egg first scenario. We wonder if the heart corrupts the way we live our life, or the other way around.

If we are capable of changing our heart without miracle, then there will be no misery of life. Miracle is hardly the thing we are able to generate from within. Therefore, it is childish to think our heart can be renewed by introspection and we can find our own way out of suffering.

The danger of introspection is like bumping our head to a brick wall and wonder what is wrong with us that we are battered and bleeding out. It may not be so obvious to most because that brick wall is so charmingly beating and appearing to be so full of life. And yet, we don’t know why we are slowly going insane while life is draining out of us.

There is a time we come to know our limits and call out for help.

Sibling Love

The father has two children.
He loves the first born more.
He loves them the same.

The first born is spoiled.
She has been given many and many are asked of her.
She knows her father's love is a golden ticket.
She is wild and prideful ignoring her father's chastisement.

The other child does not show love or compassion toward her.
Instead, critisies her out of jealousy and self righteousness.

The father is in deep grief. All he ever wanted is for his children to love him and love one another.

Writer's note:
This is a tale inspired by Israel and the Gentiles.

Self Nomination

Part 1 Ankle Bracelet
Part 2 Aura of Mystery
Part 3 The Kissing Song

I stop you on your way out of the boardroom door.

Ami, I am Tommy, Tommy Lee. Do you want to grab a bite to eat in the City after work today?

You look at me and smile. Oh Ami Sickle, I love your dimples! They look like a pool of happiness, so overwhelmingly sweet and beautiful!

Hey Tommy! I am not available. Thank you!

How about some time this week…or beyond? You are gonna be hungry one of these days?

Ah, Tommy, what I meant was I’d like to keep a professional boundary. I won’t be grabbing a bite to eat with you. See you at the annual conference if you are attending.

You just said no to me. Was it a no, try harder? Or a no, NO? Do you need a volunteer to help with organising the conference? I can help wherever you need me. I am a good helper, I was told. What? Tommy! You just nominated yourself to work for free? The ROI is so low considering the time and effort I have to put in. Fuck! What’s wrong with ya?

Ah, the conference is well funded, it’s not run by volunteers. And I don’t think I need volunteers. But I appreciate your willingness to get involved and help. By saying that though Tommy, I am still unavailable.

What? Did you just give me a hard NO? You are not willing to give me any bit of you. There must be another move I can make. Think Tommy! I can’t fucking think, it’s like the market is closed today. I have to wait for tomorrow. But I don’t want to wait and there is no other way. Am I throwing a Tandy? Shame on you Tommy, you are gonna accept defeat, aren’t you?

Tommy, there is this retirement village I volunteer at, they are really short of volunteers and I know they will appreciate some help. I can email you the details and you may think about it?

Oh Ami, you must have noticed that I looked defeated. You have a soft and kind heart. How can I not say yes and I have to restrain myself from jumping for joy. You have just kept the door of hope ajar.

The Kissing Song

Part 1 Ankle Bracelet

Part 2 Aura of Mystery

Now let’s invite our next guest speaker, Ami Sickle from SAFAA to talk about the upcoming professional development opportunities and the annual conference.

Ami! Your name is Ami.
Tommy and Ami Sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes baby
In a baby carriage!

You are now standing in front of me without obstruction, giving a presentation. It’s gonna be a full cinema experience.

Ami Sickle, your dark hair wraps around your fair neck on one side, rose pink pouting lips, somewhat comfortable in your petite hugging knee high black dress, black heels, huh, and the rose gold ankle bracelet in between. Ami, you are sexy and cute. I’m gonna have a lot of fun with you. I can feel my cheeks smiling.

Hi guys! I am Ami Sickle, Marketing Executive from The Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association. Today, I am presenting…

Your voice stills me. It’s like the zither being played by the waterfall, calming and Zen. The fantasy of pinning you to the wall and pleasuring you from behind dissipates. I thought I work you out, but I am not so sure now. Who are you, Ami Sickle?