Sibling Love

The father has two children.
He loves the first born more.
He loves them the same.

The first born is spoiled.
She has been given many and many are asked of her.
She knows her father's love is a golden ticket.
She is wild and prideful ignoring her father's chastisement.

The other child does not show love or compassion toward her.
Instead, critisies her out of jealousy and self righteousness.

The father is in deep grief. All he ever wanted is for his children to love him and love one another.

Writer's note:
This is a tale inspired by Israel and the Gentiles.

Self Nomination

Part 1 Ankle Bracelet
Part 2 Aura of Mystery
Part 3 The Kissing Song

I stop you on your way out of the boardroom door.

Ami, I am Tommy, Tommy Lee. Do you want to grab a bite to eat in the City after work today?

You look at me and smile. Oh Ami Sickle, I love your dimples! They look like a pool of happiness, so overwhelmingly sweet and beautiful!

Hey Tommy! I am not available. Thank you!

How about some time this week…or beyond? You are gonna be hungry one of these days?

Ah, Tommy, what I meant was I’d like to keep a professional boundary. I won’t be grabbing a bite to eat with you. See you at the annual conference if you are attending.

You just said no to me. Was it a no, try harder? Or a no, NO? Do you need a volunteer to help with organising the conference? I can help wherever you need me. I am a good helper, I was told. What? Tommy! You just nominated yourself to work for free? The ROI is so low considering the time and effort I have to put in. Fuck! What’s wrong with ya?

Ah, the conference is well funded, it’s not run by volunteers. And I don’t think I need volunteers. But I appreciate your willingness to get involved and help. By saying that though Tommy, I am still unavailable.

What? Did you just give me a hard NO? You are not willing to give me any bit of you. There must be another move I can make. Think Tommy! I can’t fucking think, it’s like the market is closed today. I have to wait for tomorrow. But I don’t want to wait and there is no other way. Am I throwing a Tandy? Shame on you Tommy, you are gonna accept defeat, aren’t you?

Tommy, there is this retirement village I volunteer at, they are really short of volunteers and I know they will appreciate some help. I can email you the details and you may think about it?

Oh Ami, you must have noticed that I looked defeated. You have a soft and kind heart. How can I not say yes and I have to restrain myself from jumping for joy. You have just kept the door of hope ajar.

The Kissing Song

Part 1 Ankle Bracelet

Part 2 Aura of Mystery

Now let’s invite our next guest speaker, Ami Sickle from SAFAA to talk about the upcoming professional development opportunities and the annual conference.

Ami! Your name is Ami.
Tommy and Ami Sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes baby
In a baby carriage!

You are now standing in front of me without obstruction, giving a presentation. It’s gonna be a full cinema experience.

Ami Sickle, your dark hair wraps around your fair neck on one side, rose pink pouting lips, somewhat comfortable in your petite hugging knee high black dress, black heels, huh, and the rose gold ankle bracelet in between. Ami, you are sexy and cute. I’m gonna have a lot of fun with you. I can feel my cheeks smiling.

Hi guys! I am Ami Sickle, Marketing Executive from The Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association. Today, I am presenting…

Your voice stills me. It’s like the zither being played by the waterfall, calming and Zen. The fantasy of pinning you to the wall and pleasuring you from behind dissipates. I thought I work you out, but I am not so sure now. Who are you, Ami Sickle?

Aura of Mystery

Part 1 Ankle Bracelet

Who are you? I need to know as much as possible about you so I can have a winning strategy.

The aura you wear is of mystery. You look sweet but dressed to kill. You smell wild sex but you put an invisible barrier between us while we are only ten centre metres apart in this more crowded than usual boadroom. I can’t quite work you out, yet.

The ankle bracelet, I wonder if your toes are manicured and painted red or black. When you run your toes around me, will the bracelet be a distraction?

Focus Tommy! I snap myself out of the trance you put me into. Clearing my throat, I swallow and force my attention to the line graph on the presentation screen.

Ankle Bracelet

Your scent infused me before you sat next to me. A rose blossom wrapped in leather, you slid in the oversized executive chair next to me in the boardroom. My brain kept telling me to focus on the presenter and the screen, battling my distracted mind and wandering eye. I pushed my chair backward so I had a better view of you, such a challenger to my professionalism. My eyes fixated on the rose gold ankle bracelet you wore, set with onyx stone and pavé diamonds. It was such a sexy playful little thing.

Not all office romances start the same, and not all love affairs end in tragedy. I am a stock broker. I gamble, with calculated risk of course. ‘The winner takes it all.’


Six Sentence Story prompt – Season

She knows all the seasons from the bottom of the well.

The fragrant rain of red and white Ruby Cascade drizzles in Springtime.
Her skin is covered with mosquito bites all through Summer.
She hears the honeyeaters singing and imagines them hovering whilst feeding off the Grevillea.
When the bats start returning to share the well, she knows it is Wintertime.

If you have been held captive in a well for seven years, you would learn to notice all seasons without counting the days.

Post Trauma

The Six Sentence Story word prompt – Remnant

The farmers survived the calamity of the bushfire. They ran out of adrenaline. What they have to face now is the remnant of destruction.

The ground is covered with green again but they still smell char. It’s both painful to hear people talking about the fire and stop talking about the fire. The farmers are desperately trying to get on with their life to smile at each other with desolate eyes.

The Day Overcame The Night

I used to think I belonged to the hours of the owl. My safe place was by the nightstand where I showed myself freely in feline stretch. The bell rang from my wrist calling to my lover to overcome me while whispering every dark secret and indecent desire. Back then, smoky eyes and ripen cherry lips kept begging for more drowning out the safe word.

You carefully brought me out into the sunlight. My sun kissed forehead, freckled cheeks and salt stained lips yearned for life in every breath I took. The ocean bubble wrapped me in total warmth and security. You held me in your arms and the sun held us in its palms.


My take on The Living Poetry word prompt – Neighbor with a short story

It’s the neighbourhood gardening day.

Tom blushed when she handed him pine straws to put on the top soil of the roses. Electricity passed through from her pale fingers to his knuckle. No one noticed any strangeness of his raw red face because they thought he was just bothered by the heat. She offered him a cold drink, home made lemonade. He gladly accepted it for another chance to be electrocuted by her womanly touch. He swallowed the water hard feeling the movement of his own throat. Thank God for the cold lemonade to put out some fire.

She rested one leg up on a garden chair dusting some dirt off her shoe. She looked up and smiled at him while changing to the other leg. Tom was instantly overcome by a warm gush in his crotch. He ran straight back towards his house, almost knocked down his mother.

He locked his bedroom door, pulled the curtain shut and dropped his pants. He masturbated almost violently with the flashing images of her angling her leg in front of her bathroom mirror and shaving delicately between her thighs. The second waves hit him soon after. He was swept away by the combination of heat exhaustion and orgasmic pleasure. Then came the shame of being a teenage boy peeping on his neighbour who is his mother’s age.

Profile Pic

Not everything has to be sexual!

They aren’t? So tell me, what are your bare legs and overflowing breasts for?

They are my best features and assets. A bit of showing is a reflection of my new found confidence.

Oh! Apologies for overlooking the depth of its meaning. It’s hard to be philosophical about it when they scream ‘Fuck me!’.

(Silence is the answer.)