A Labourer of Love

The Six Sentence Story word prompt – Theory

When Sage was a young girl, she applied the theory of love in life. Soon she discovered that love was a multi-faceted gemstone. Love didn’t just shine on its own.

Sage learned the patience of mastering her craftmanship. Through trial and error, she progressively brought love out to be shining bright.

The love Sage laboured became the most precious gemstone in heaven.

A Simple Mind’s Crisis

Denise’s Six Sentence Story word prompt – Mark

My heart cries out for you.
Heart doesn’t cry, human does.

Read between the lines.
It is blank!

Mark my words, ‘You are so dumb!’
Pass me the pen.

Colour Extinction

Six Sentence Story word prompt – Ocean

Blue is one of the ancient colours among turquoise, navy and coral.
They belong to a group of nature colours once existed on earth.
Many poets, painters and song writers produced arts for centuries inspired by these colours.

There used to be a major hydrosphere called ocean which helped regulate the temperature across the globe.
Then the temperature of the earth continued to rise at an irreversible speed.
The result of that was the dry out of oceans and extinction of the related colours.


The Six Sentence Story word prompt – MARVEL

You know when we were first going out, I googled you?

No way! 

I found out you were one of the MARVEL Team Titans characters called Redwing.

Are you serious? Carrie Levine the Redwing!?!

If you don’t believe me, see it for yourself.

A Murderer’s Mind

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Filter

She was as slim as a cigarette.
He longed to be the filter between her divine lips.
Each smoke circle she oozed out blurred his vision and dizzied his mind.
He remembered what his Mama said to him ‘they came to steal your soul son.’
He pressed his hand firmly on her sexy mouth to muffle the screams till her eyes were wide open.
Eventually she was extinguished like a cigarette butt before being tossed to the dumpster.

Spare and Share

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Change

Christmas is the celebration of a true King born in a barn. A son was born from wedlock.

All the Christmas decorations are up and in grand display. It grieves me to walk the hussle bussle street in twinkling lights and watch ashen faces begging for spare change. I often wonder is the spare change you ask for, or the human love you call me to share.

‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ – Matthew 25:40

A Homeless Man

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Beam  

I have never seen such sallow vacant eyes.
They are the aftermath of a night’s terror in a haunted house with rotting beams full of bats.
Even the early Summer sun and warm breeze does not bring hope.
A lone scruffy man sits on a weathered park bench.
Crows are roaming around him unearthing grubs.
I wonder if those park crows ever consider pecking him like they do with carrion.


The Six Sentence Story prompt – Wax

We bade each other farewell at graduation in 1988.
Our grown-up duty called us from the popular college band we played in.
Good bye to those nights when we smoked some weed and waxed some new tracks.
Coffee and cigarettes stained not only our teeth but also our memory.
What remained was this faded photo with all of us lined up in our flamboyant bell bottom jeans.
I took off my fogged up reading glasses, wiped off my tears and slowly sipped my herbal tea.


The Six Sentence Story prompt – Foundation

I caught the happy train today.
The world outside the window
was a kaleidoscope.
I couldn’t help
but clapping and flapping my hands
at the ever changing beauty
before my hungry eyes.

I am dreading to return to my padded cell.
I can never understand why they call it a calm room.
Why is sanity built on the foundation of deceit?


AFP agents were listening in to that pair of suspected criminals.
All they were hearing was about domestic cleaning.
Agents were frantically decoding.
The report read,
‘The perfect strategy to thoroughly clean up the nation’s financial mess is to progressively detoxify its people using abrasive ethnic cleansing.’

The pair stood in trial in High Court.
They were confronted with the sole evidence of live recording of their bedroom conversation.
‘The best way to clean up home kitchen is to clean as you go by using vinegar spray.’