Little Girl in A Big City

The tired city is as exhausting as the social media feed. It loses its stimulus power to empower to be impulsive. The anxious feeling holds her in a spinning fidget. Everywhere her sight is exposed to sending a chilling spasm to her core.

Who would think under the city limelight, there are souls feeling so drained and distained. She wonders if she is trapped in a mortal body with a timeless soul. Layers and folds of wrinkled psyche are unable to stay afloat.

There is no mirror on the wall to tell her future, neither a fantasy bubble floating in the suffocating air to give a glimpse of hope. She can only pick her scars to remind herself that she was once alive and lived. Pain used to be her lover, who now has long gone. Numbness invaded her every cell. She wonders if she will be the sole witness of her own diminishing. Will the sleeping world even notice if the stars blink out one by one?