Chester Gallery

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Gallery

The night made its way into the depth of darkness. 

In the dim light of a kerosene lamp, he plaited the corse strands into resilient strings with his nimble fingers.
He  fervently stretched the anaemically pale canvas onto the frame.
Shades of red mixed in an aesthetic colour palette, he restored each painting with precision brush strokes.

When the twilight arrived, he hung all the art works back on and marveld at his resurrection. 

Curator Chester Gallery was arrested on 13th September 1888 for the serial murders of art students in the gallery where he worked.

The curse

My feet are numb and my hands slowly come into focus. I am seeing stiffened crooked fingers. I don’t have arthritis. I use my thumbs to run over my fingertips. The sticky and slimy texture send chills to my rib cage. I feel I need to pee desperately. My body starts shivering in convulsions with the sensation of rain slapping on me.

Shhhh-tik-tik-tik…Shhhh-tik-tik-tik…The sound of the lawn sprinkler draws me to an awakening state. Relying on the moonlight, I find myself standing in my backyard soaked in my pyjamas. It is July, in the middle of Winter, Sydney’s temperature drops to 4°C. I raise my hands in front of my eyes. I see red stain trickling down to my elbows. “Aaaaah!” I let out a shriek.

The garden light comes on. The next thing I can make out is that I slump into my father’s arms shaking uncontrollably.

“Katie! Katie! Sweetheart, shh…shh…You are home safe darling.”

“Daddy, do you see the blood? I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” I am sobbing in fear and hyperventilating. I stare at my own hands which aren’t my hands.

“Darling, you are having nightmares again. That’s all. Shh…shh…You are safe.”

“It’s not a nightmare Daddy. I was standing on the lawn. I saw myself with gnarled fingers just like the curse. It is real Daddy. They are coming for me to repay the lives I took.”

“Baby, it’s untrue. They are just bluffing. There is no proof for it. It’s some kind of dark magic or spell they cast on you. You are innocent. You are my angel. There is no way you took any life. You hear me Katie? That is a lie!”