24 thoughts on “Unattainable”

  1. This post is incredibly distracting in the reader!!! πŸ˜…


    1. Also this is bugging meβ€” is that supposed to be ‘limps’ on the second line, or ‘lips’?


      1. Haha! Lol. Makes more sense now :). I’m somebody who notices every typo in other people’s writing πŸ˜†.


      2. Haha, you’re alright mate! Will happily point out future ones lol.

        I have to let a lot of them go, because you just can’t go around pointing out all of everybody’s typos, haha. But in this case, with the shortness of the poem, it really made a difference!


      3. Your reaction was really entertaining πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ’™


      1. Well that’s no fun. I made the images a little smaller. Maybe that will help. If not, I’ll take a few of them out and you can tell me if you want more.


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