Hearts and Paper Aeroplane

Collaboration with Jonathan Swift Pines

Photo from http://www.unsplash.com


No, I’m not claiming that I always write.
When I do, my heart’s like a jar -sealed tight.
And when it pops ajar, you hear it “thump.”

No, I don’t think I always love you right.
When I do, my soul swells like puppy eyes.
When I write, I snort happily for you.

When I’m bad, I’m bad. When I’m good, I’m good.
I’d love to love you right now, if I could.
But if I’m astray, please try tomorrow.

When I’m sad, I write. When I’m loved, I write.
I’d love to store you in my sealed tight jar.
Only let out happiness than sorrow.

Sorry, love, but this is our last “goodnight.”
I’m not always honest in all I write.
So keep your happy times safe and sealed tight.
Don’t let a dreamer like me steal your heart. . .


Wordsmith Apprentices

A collaboration with Benjamin Grossman

This daily script interferes
with any royal mood
leaving abstract smiles
upon the observer’s space

Each piece reaches the other
with startling ponder
shaking up their normality
signaling the writer’s psyche
demanding a daily dose of encouragement

The bond sparked small
a distant curiosity sated by the choreography of words
a budding denial received confirmation in plain sight
an uncultivated heart given wings to ascend
an untamed mind flew over the boundary beyond the intellectual elasticity

Moonlit Night

Translation collaboration with Alan Steinle

Moonlit Night is the collaborated translation of a classic Chinese poem (月夜) written by Du Fu 杜甫 (712 – 770), a prominent Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty. 

月夜 月夜 Moonlit Night
今夜鄜州月 今夜鄜州月 The moon shines brightly on Fuzhou tonight;
閨中衹獨看 闺中只独看 Alone in her room, she looks at the light;
遙憐小兒女 遥怜小儿女 She pities her children, so far from their dad;
未解憶長安 未解忆长安 She misses Chang’an—she’s lonely and sad;
香霧雲鬟濕 香雾云鬟湿 Her long supple hair with perfume is sprayed;
清輝玉臂寒 清辉玉臂寒 The clear moon shines on cool arms of jade;
何時倚虛幌 何时倚虚幌 When, near the curtain, will our hearts soar?
雙照淚痕乾 双照泪痕干 We’ll sit in the moonlight, tears falling no more!


A collaboration with Jonathan Swift Pines

There are things she sees are pretty
They go beyond her basic needs

The sun is warm and cheery
Too much of it
freckles gather on her cheeks

Charming freckles, like those on a child
whose innocent heart would burst with a smile

The rain is soothing and musical
Too much of it
sadness floods on her soul

Raindrops can harmonize with memories
Too many and the mind is adrift

The world of art is beautiful and enchanting
Too much of it
inadequacy breaks down her creativity

Happiness makes her vulnerable
The more she has, the more she has to lose

There are so many lows after the highs
When all that is stripped away
She realises how much satisfaction
she has in a mundane life

无尽之爱 Endless love

This is a poem I collaborate with Jun


last night
you appeared in my dreams
fluttering your wings
in an empty room
devoid of music

this morning
I woke up
with the trail of the incense
burning in my studies
mistaken to be
your sensual perfume
my stained bathrobe
weighted me down
with the dread of
a new day

I keep watching
the moon courting the stars
till dawn
a reality of my life
till I will see you again
when I am old and grey
you know my love
this endless reminiscence
I shall satisfy
till the last of
my breath

Breaking The Silence

A collaboration with Archangel White Wolf


We come from the land
of the deep blue sky
Milk and honey buried in the native mulberry shrubs
60000 years of tradition flows through the veins of this deep brown land
Wild and raw tunes flourish by the Ngurrungurrudjba
The rainbow serpent is in my dreams as Traditional owners call it seems
Their far cry for justice
and restoration of their land
We express in music
The political stand of
Midnight Oil
and INXS
The psychedelic of King Gizzard
Put politicians to the test
with the voice of Dan Sultan
Trials and Briggs
They are smashing the silence
of the political pigs
Give them justice and a fair go
Restore the balance of our country’s flow
Their waiting with patience
Heinous crimes committed
in the name of God
Reconcile the harmony of their land
It’s time for us to understand
They welcome us to their country
where we’re free to roam
Let our offsprings still proudly call Straya home


First published on 11 April 2019, a collaboration with Mike Ennenbach


let’s shuffle the playlist
Eat kale chips and eggplant wedge dipped in chilly jam

Let’s waltz away in our fave band T-shirts
misted in aromatic oil

Let’s pillow fight and giggle
till our tummy muscles grow

Chase each other
Until we fall in a pile
Laughing on the floor
Cheeks sore from smiling

The thunder of our hearts
Drowns out the music
Gazing lovingly at each other
Until you tickle me some more

Let’s pull down the blinds
Dim the world outside

Let our love twinkle
Stardust falling on us
Echoing the illumination within us

Let us My Love
Let us create the most glorious night sky
All in this place we call

Let’s close the door
And embrace
My love
Shut the world out
And fall into
Our sanctuary in
Everlasting bliss

Let’s close the door
And embrace
My darling
Falling into
Our sanctuary in
Love forever more