I remember those fun beach afternoons
We bathed in the gossamer autumn sun
Daddy’s shoulders were the mountains we climbed
Mummy’s arms were the swing we clung to
The secluded Clovelly echoed the wonderful childhood
which we locked away in our fond memory

Painting by Virginia Bucknell

you may see more of Virginia’s paintings via: Art Lovers Australia  Weebly   Instagram

The Snow Is My Only Companion

This poem was written by Du Fu who is considered to be one of China’s greatest poets of the Tang dynasty.

Du Fu was born to a minor scholar-official in Henan Province. His mother died while he was young, and an aunt helped raised him.

Du Fu is often described as a poet-historian, and his works convey the emotional impact and import of political and social issues and register a range of private concerns, trials, and dramas. His poems are remarkable for their range of moods as well as contents.

Alan and I worked on the translation together on this piece. You may read more of Alan’s translation work on Chinese, Spanish poetry, own poetry and essays here.






After the battle, we mourn for the dead;
I’m old and alone, grief filling my head.

Dark, ominous clouds are filtering down;
The cold wind and snow are swirling around.

There is no wine left in the calabash bowl,
But the stove is still hot from the smoldering coal.

The news cannot reach us from our dearest kin;
I sit down to write, but I cannot begin.

Grieving the Autumn Rains I

This poem was written by Du Fu in 754. He was a Chinese poet and politician of the Tang dynasty.
Alan Steinle (Alan’s work) and I worked on the translation together.

秋雨叹三首 (一)


The grass has decayed from all the rain we’ve seen,
But the cassia below the steps remains bright green.

Your feather-like leaves escaped the autumn showers;
Like golden coins are your many blooming flowers.

You can feel the bitter wind’s persistent attack;
Can your stalk endure the force, or will it crack?

Above the steps, I let down my graying hair;
I smell the fragrant cassia, but I feel despair.


An effortless collaboration with Ben, do check out his amazing poetry on Instagram Remedy Poems


My words are falling
over your collarbone
like loose strands
dipped in charcoal
bleeding through skin
The things you craved
but now regret
Home is a memory
distant and frostbitten
by turquoise hands

close up photo of woman s face
Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on

Writing for the Soul

I have recently written this piece with Ben, whom I share similar way in writing poetry, from the concept beginning lines to the last word fine tune. Do check out his blog Benjamin Grossman


I savour your words on my tongue daily
Reading aloud your thoughts and feelings
As if sampling a handcrafted recipe

Words, by their prowess, bring life or death
From yours, I only taste an antidote
Each sentence a mouthful of succulent nourishment
Leafy greens of personification and aromatic spices of diction
Lines of sugar poured over smoldering pages
The flavor of an elite story

Always I crave your expression
Every fibre yearning for your art
Never stop writing
Your every scribble satiates my soul

Beyond Comprehension

A translation of Jun’s poem “未参尽的缘”


She is my past, present and future.
She is the incomprehensible fate of my life and death.
She is my beloved book, read and reread.
She is my root, let love grow deep into the ground.
She is my play pet in virtual world, my queen in reality.
I will turn to dust,
disappearing into the sea of her eyes,
grain by grain,
never give up existing.



她是我的曾经 今世与将来

Lost Love

An interpretation of Jun’s poem


You know the one
The one you once loved so tenderly
Her smile filled your daydreams

When you look back to connect the dots
Your heart leapt for her
Your mind set on ambitions
You eyes were distracted

Now time and place passed
She has long gone
You are hunger for love
You are deprived of spiritual food
You have spent half of your life in wander
Autumn leaves falling in the melancholy of missing her

We Met in the Rain

A new collaboration with Jay – The Fragrance Writer


When we were lonely, we met in the rain
We only stood and stared at each other
We shared comfort in misery and pain
And in the raindrops, our tears found cover

Our own silence was louder than the storm
But we found heat in the palms of our hands
You became the jacket to keep me warm
Is this love? My anxiety expands

But you only love me when you’re lonely
You only call me when you are in pain
You no longer call me like you know me
I guess this is the meaning of “betray”

Friend, there’s times and seasons for everything
For both being away and to embrace
The monsoon season gave no covering
When it subsided we both felt out of place

But every time I met your tear-filled gaze
My reflection was nowhere in hiding
My heart sank deep into a hopeless place
I prayed for our friendship never ending


Photo by Julius Drost on

Popcorn Romance

I have worked with Joey for another fun one: Jay – The Fragrance Writer

He likes me
He really likes me
He really really likes me!
All clouds in the sky is everything wonderful in paradise
His smile makes Zac Efron’s fake
His eyes are a candy store I am lost in
His humour is the centre of an amusement park
His kisses melt on my lips like pink fairy floss
He makes me feel like buttercups
And butterflies dance in my stomach
As I sip from his cup of cola.
I hope our saga never ends.

Three months bubblegum romance
Bursts forth a rich flavour
artificial sugar induced decay
Leaves exposed nerve toothache
buttercups lead to a stomach ache
Just like butterflies lead to indigestion.
Too much cola – I’m too wired to sleep.
And this tired saga needs a finale. . .

Our short lived romance is like popcorn
Never lasts to the end of the movie before they’ve gone stale
What I first craved is now just a headache.
And I’m ready to go home.
As I leave, I turn and give one last glance.
Hey, you never know when you’ll crave popcorn again.


photo from unsplash

Howling Temporal Reality

A collaboration with Samantha and Sonia. You may like to visit their work via Instagram:
Samantha (@wordsthatburnedpoetry)
Sonia (@theshaeira_sonia)

Winds taking
Down the guards
Off my superficial layers
Tearing out
Bitter longing dreams
I rise from ashes
Instant gratification
Consoles your loneliness
In an exhilarating whirlwind