Secluded Clovelly Beach

The Autumn afternoon sun whispers Tuscany artists’ legacy to colour the rocks in mustard, amber and honey.

Their warmth pushes the native shrubs to absorb the aqua calm waves into teal.

The nature’s palette sets an energetic backdrop for a family fun time.

The sand shimmers like lemon zest surprising the children in splash play.

Laughter echoes off the rocks like a baby mumbles into their mother’s arm, cheerful in Clovelly’s embrace.


The children left home for the city neon lights
Faces filled with endless enthusiasm
Brushed off sandburs that caught on their jeans
Covered tree scratched wrists with tailored shirts
The bell birds by the river sang their farewell
They never looked back to see your outstretching arms
The silvery grey city edge is where the elders rise early
To wait for the youth to come home

screenshot_20200519-192558_onedrive8773919882932235705.jpgPainting of Parramatta River, Sydney, Australia by Virginia Bucknell


An effortless collaboration with Ben, do check out his amazing poetry on Instagram Remedy Poems


My words are falling
over your collarbone
like loose strands
dipped in charcoal
bleeding through skin
The things you craved
but now regret
Home is a memory
distant and frostbitten
by turquoise hands

close up photo of woman s face
Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on

Writing for the Soul

I have recently written this piece with Ben, whom I share similar way in writing poetry, from the concept beginning lines to the last word fine tune. Do check out his blog Benjamin Grossman


I savour your words on my tongue daily
Reading aloud your thoughts and feelings
As if sampling a handcrafted recipe

Words, by their prowess, bring life or death
From yours, I only taste an antidote
Each sentence a mouthful of succulent nourishment
Leafy greens of personification and aromatic spices of diction
Lines of sugar poured over smoldering pages
The flavor of an elite story

Always I crave your expression
Every fibre yearning for your art
Never stop writing
Your every scribble satiates my soul

Beyond Comprehension

A translation of Jun’s poem “未参尽的缘”


She is my past, present and future.
She is the incomprehensible fate of my life and death.
She is my beloved book, read and reread.
She is my root, let love grow deep into the ground.
She is my play pet in virtual world, my queen in reality.
I will turn to dust,
disappearing into the sea of her eyes,
grain by grain,
never give up existing.



她是我的曾经 今世与将来

Romeo and Juliet

This is a poetry and painting collaboration with emerging Sydney Painter Virginia Bucknell


demands absolute devotion

The stage
decorated with charisma and wit

Wild possession
seized by concealed undercurrent

let it downpour in crimson

gravitates towards eternity


Oil painting ‘Love Story’ by Virginia Bucknell

Avalon in siesta

This is a collaboration with Sydney based emerging artist Virginia Bucknell, you may check out her inspirational paintings here