Her Last Heart Beat

This poem made it to Lisa’s Anthology of Poetry Heart Beats and was published by Prolific Pulse Press in March 2021. I was honoured to be included in this anthology along with other very talented poets. Purchase link here

I saw grandma lying in the palliative unit 

She was the last plum hanging on the branch 

Although she survived the summer sun 

Her overly ripen skin was purple and blue 

We gathered around her like a flock of sheep 

We retold the funny family stories 

Turning our tears into laughter 

We kissed her clammy forehead and cool hands 

We told her we loved her 

And promised to see her in heaven 

Her last heartbeat gave in 

While the new born birds chirping outside the window to welcome the golden sun 

Scars We Don’t See

Thank you to MasticadoresIndia for publishing one of my short stories Original post here

Morning ma’am what can I offer you today? I paused, you looked familiar. I recognised the scar across your forehead and the missing front tooth when you squeezed out a smile.

You don’t recognise me? Cindy! My name is Cindy. The Neighbourhood Centre found us a unit and I scrubbed up.

Oh Cin! O-M-G! I couldn’t recognise you. You… you look good Cin. It daunted on me that you were the homeless lady hung around my cafe with two kids, a boy and a girl.

Let me make you a coffee. What would you like? My shout to celebrate, you got a home now. That’s a big deal.

Oh no Patricia, thanks for the offer. I won’t take up your time. Just wanna see do you need a helper in the kitchen? Like unloading deliveries, washing dishes, taking the trash out? I, ah, I can’t do the front house duties cos my tooth… My kids are going to school now just around the corner. They can walk to school by themselves. I got free time to work, and I can do with some money to get some stuff for the unit.

Uhm, look Cin, I don’t really need any helper cos my older boy is doing the kitchen hand stuff. But he got into uni, it’s starting soon. How about you come in tomorrow at noon to do a work trial, and I’ll cut him a bit slack. I’m sure he’d be happy to hang out with his mates.

Oh, sure sure…thank you sooo much. I’ll be here before twelve tomorrow. You’re an angel Patricia. You cupped your hands to your face and almost shouting.

That’s alright Cin…and call me Trish. Patricia is just a bit troubling…you know, I laughed and winked.

Ok, ok Trish, boss lady! You chuckled with your hand covering your mouth to hide the missing tooth.

You came almost half an hour before midday in the same white shirt and black pants you wore yesterday. The cafe was quite busy with almost all tables needed clearing from the mid-morning rush. You had dived straight in taking empty plates, cups and cutleries to the kitchen and came back with an apron on to spray and wipe down the tables. You kept your head down avoiding eye contact with the customers leaving the cafe. You worked pretty swiftly, and I was thankful that you turned up early.

First day of work trial, you did good, only with a moment or two spacing out. I attributed it to that you had been out of work for a long time, it might take some time to readjust. I asked you to come back the next day but not promising a job. Being a small business owner and a single mother, I had learned to put my little family first and not making promises that I couldn’t keep.

That day was the third day of the work trial. In reality, I needed someone who can do the front and the back of the cafe. But I knew what this job would mean to you as a mother, and to your finance. I was contemplating to offer you 11am to 2pm shifts on weekdays. That would cover some food prep and cleaning up for the lunch rush which would free up me and the two girls for customer service and the till. I was going to tell you at the end of the day.

Then that happened. I saw you spacing out in the middle of slicing mushrooms, then you were pacing around the kitchen while the chef had to stop in the middle of cooking some sauce to ask if you were ok. It took you a while to snap back into reality. You walked back to the bench and kept slicing mushrooms. I was taken by what I saw. Call it a woman’s instinct, I knew something was wrong with you neurologically.

I took you outside to have some fresh air. I wasn’t going to give you some lame excuse for not offering you a job. I told you straight about my concerns. I figured I owed you that decency. You opened up to me and told me drugs and alcohol abuse damaged your brain. Even you had been drug and alcohol free for a while, but the damage was done from teenage years and it’s irrevocable.

I hugged you and cried. The scar you carried on your forehead, or the missing tooth were just damages people saw, the damage inside was a lot more profound.

Publication News – Creation and the Cosmos

I am thrilled that four of my poems and two photographs are included in this poetic anthology inspired by nature – CREATION and the COSMOS, published by Tara via Raw Earth Ink.

I am compelled to write about the beauty of nature,
and to capture it through my camera lens. 
May this book bring you joy and renewed energy! 

Purchase options: Lulu   Amazon  

A Collection of Paintings and Poetry of Australian Landscapes

Collaboration of Virginia Bucknell and Cassa Bassa

You may see more of Virginia’s amazing paintings and purchase this collection by clicking here
20x28cm (8×11″) Hardcover gloss print, perfect for resisting tea or coffee stains 😁.

Publication News

One of my poems: Once Upon A Time has been published in the Australian Poetry Anthology Volume 8 2020.

I get to know Alana
she wears leopard print dress
and flaming red nails
she plays the keyboard
in broad daylight
to fight off the blues

We talk about girly stuff
skin exfoliation
hydration mask
hair tossing
and stiletto heels

She tells me about Alan
in corroboree …

Purchase click here





looking out the train window
I feel the same rush of time and space
wheaten open plains move like weeping willows in the wind
lines of oil rich Eucalyptus trees casting elongated shadows on the land
the blue haze mountain backdrop vanishes into the distant clouds
they charge all at once to meet my eyes
too overwhelmed to take them in frame by frame
I feel the sudden nostalgia of old black and white flicks



Painting by Virginia Bucknell

you may see more of Virginia’s paintings via: Art Lovers Australia  Weebly   Instagram

Surviving and Thriving

it is the rest period of the day without noisy food fight
the tide takes away young crabs and small fish
the gulls know of their faithful return tomorrow
one sings, another cruises, and the other grooms,
so relaxing and carefree
they are satisfied with today’s offering
thriving in a densely packed colony



Painting by Virginia Bucknell

you may see more of Virginia’s paintings via: Art Lovers Australia  Weebly   Instagram