Monochrome Admirer

I spot her from afar.
She is as beautiful as yesterday long ago
carrying herself in poise and elegance.
I am so eager to greet her
ignoring how time faded her colours.
Will she blush for me,
her monochrome admirer?

Pencil sketch

Lost and Found

Last night you swam freely in the ocean
Rode alongside the dolphins
Unafraid of the jelly fish
I wanted to join you to venture into the deep
My body was reality bound
A child longed for freedom through the aquarium glass

This morning I strolled along the beach
Looked for the remnant of the past
No sign of dolphains, nor jelly fish
Only a sail boat on the edge of the horizon
I wondered if you caught my message bottle

Lavender Dance

You slip on the lilac dresses
and run towards the meadow

Soon you are all in positions
in accordance with the choreography

When the bees sing
you start to slow dance
in sunshine yellow

Every cloud in the sky
knows you are exceedingly happy

Autumn Farm

I drew this a few months ago at the beginning of pandemic lockdown. I couldn’t visit the farm to see the Autumn colours. I drew this as a consolation prize for myself.

Drawing by Cassa Bassa