This is the version of you
my unskilled hand could manage
I know you won’t mind
because you didn’t think
your name would be remembered
or your face would tell fascinating history

You painted every scar into beauty
I am one of the many
in awe of your creativity
and touched by your humility

A Sole Parent

This poem was written using this drawing practice as a prompt.

Drawing is a process
of getting to know him
through the fine lines
he acquired
from the pain
of raising them

Drawing of an old man (in progress)

Monochrome Admirer

I spot her from afar.
She is as beautiful as yesterday long ago
carrying herself in poise and elegance.
I am so eager to greet her
ignoring how time faded her colours.
Will she blush for me,
her monochrome admirer?

Pencil sketch
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