you said
love is ephemeral
all the past love you had
all the shes you loved
they evaporated before
you caught breath
like silken streams
sifted through
your every dream
left impressions of
pinscreen needles
monetarily disposed

Don’t be

You said
you were sadden by my poems.
I said ‘Don’t be!’

Poets write about life
like scenery from the window
of a passing train,
a glimpse
a speck
fleeting moments.

If you just hold your breath
for a bit,
the pain and sadness,
the joy and happiness,
all will be gone
your next breath.

Love is…

Sitting in an a cappella concert
listening to love songs sung from
heartache to joy
despair to victory
hopelessness to strength

I realised love is
such an extreme emotion
that makes us
shiver, quiver
flutter, shudder
groosebumps on our skin
earthquake under our feet

No wonder
it takes
eruption of volcanoes
explosion of fireworks
to express
the sensation of love
in climax


she fell in love with
the same type of men
over promised
under delivered

they promised forever
but half way
they gave in to

she fell in love with
the same type of men
not once
not twice
but trice

she can’t help to think
what is wrong with her
is she
so blind
so dull
so inconceivable

chose to see
the good in people
is not a ticket
for abuse
the simple things
in life
surely is not

Dead man walking

he is in so much pain
that his world
is under general anaesthetic

every morning
the bitter and stale black coffee
barely jumpstarts his heartbeat

every commute to work
is like driving in
a sound proof booth
traffic moves like tropical fish
in a tank

every human interaction he has
resembles Pecking opera
too loud
too strenuous
too much makeup plastered on

he is so exhausted
that the night
becomes the tomb
where he finally
lays to rest

The light

Yesterday and further away
I heard the blame
I grew anxious

Today I hear the accusation
I grow angry

Maybe today
I am no longer the she
who was in denial of
being treated disrespectfully
accused with contempt

Maybe today
The veil falls off
I see the truth
for the first time
the righteous anger
rises in me
I am no longer afraid

Chicken or Egg, Love or Sex

chicken or egg first?
love or sex first?

chicken gives birth to an egg
love gives birth to sex

the birth of an egg is like a flash
comparing the coming of a chicken
the moment of sex is temporal
while love is infinite

it’s tragic if a chicken bears no egg
so is love barren in the absence of sex