Bird song

your laughter is like
bell birds’ singing
whenever my mind
is in chaos
bird songs echo
in the bush of
nesting neural pathways

your laughter is like
tranquilizers injected
in my veins
I drift in and out of
your songs
in lucidity


in general
sap my energy
The funny thing is
I feel down
I go near them
they manage to
use more energy
of mine
to fuel a bright smile
on their faces
I wonder
how come
an empty tank
could be extracted
more and more


I made origami stars
to store them
in a glass jar
like so many memories
we made together
trapped in a fragile heart
When the glass shattered
those memories wandered
in a haunted house

My heart rains

there are times
the sound of the rain
becomes a never ending lament
the cold saturates my frame
spreads chills into my marrow

the feeling of not knowing
what tomorrow holds
weights down as
the threaded beads of rain
eroding the scanty soil

black and white clear cool dew
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