1. Jabbed vs unjabbed
2. Green pass vs none
3. No jab no job
4. Unjabbed is accused to be selfish human beings
5. Plannedemic
6. Media control
7. "The New World Order"
8. Unjabbed quarantine camps
9. The pandemic of the unjabbed
10. This has never happened, don't know what you are talking about. It sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.

God’s Plan

Six Sentence Story word prompt – Blanket

The day the Premier passed the bill which granted him with unprecedented power, the people who fought for their freedom felt downtrodden and devastated. The political climate cast a blanket of dark cloud over the state. Everyday ordinary people fell ill of foreseeing tyranny days.

There was a group of people went up to the highest place of the city and wept bitterly to their God. The mountain shook, and soon after, a hail storm broke out. They fled to seek refuge under some banana plantation.

When all was passed, they heard of the news that their Premier was struck dead by a ginormous hailstone while giving a celebratory speech at a press conference outside the parliament house.


Lies her father told 
Fested within her

They formed a filter
Bluring her vision
They grew skin tags
Choking her breathing
They wrapped calluses
Around her heart

She saw the world
In distortion
She was suffocated
From lack of truth
Her heart was hardened
Inner vows took root

He father told lies
To her innocent little girl
Now she is imprisoned
Under his everlasting curse
She is plotting to destroy him
Before he does


My poem Yellow earned an honourable mention in Gabriela’s poetry contest. Original post Here

Beneath the golden wattle
We meet again to read poetry
The spring wind pays us a visit
I pick yellow out of your tawny locks
and brush them off your lips with a kiss
Your freckles bloom like pansies

This poem is inspired by Gabriela Marie Milton’s poem titled ‘Yellow’
in her latest published “Woman: Splendor and Sorrow”.
You may purchase from here:

70s Wedding Blues

I remember the day of your wedding. Pear blossoms paved the way from your bedroom to the village gate. The red of your wedding gown was the only symbol of happiness in a time when the entire village barely survived the famine.

The groom didn’t come with any pig nor buffalo as dowry. You were married out to reduce a mouth need feeding.

The rusty tractor took the newlyweds away disappearing deeper into the mountains and left a trail of mud from the spring rain wrestling with the firecrackers. The elders said your marriage started of a rough path already.


I shut the door
from condolences 
and keep the night 
between us

Intimate air is
what I long to share
with you
at your last stop 
to paradise 

You are all washed 
and cleaned
I slip on 
your favourite kimono
the one embroidered 
with superb starlings
and stain my lips
in cherry red

It is so peaceful
and quiet
I hear every crackle
of the fire
and the candle cries
all my tears 
to give you light

My last love note 
to you
is written in Shuji 
on royal blue Ryoshi
and is sealed
with a cherry kiss

My love
I send you
ahead of me
on your way
to our sweet home

This transient place
this moment
we share tonight
will be surrendered 
to God in the morning

My name will be erased 
from your heart
and yours will be hung
with the blue silk tie 
around my neck

Writer’s notes: This piece of writing is inspired by a ghost story I read in a Japanese literature, source unknown.