Alarm Clock

Living Poetry modified prompt words to suit the southern hemisphere – Autumn, Kookaburra, So

The laughing kookaburras
sitting on the blue gum
in the dark
at my backyard
calling forth the day early
so early
so eager
so loud

It’s only March
Autumn is barely here
The weather is still hot
I feel bothered
by their singing
over the green valley farm
They may wake up the farmer
who has long range
home made slingshots

There may be a chance
They will be silenced
Then there may be a chance
I’ll be late for work
If I no longer have them
to wake me at the wee hours

Childhood Summer

Summer was sizzling like hot plates

We rolled in the watermelon field
clothes dirty
playing hide and seek

The cicadas sang deafening tunes
high up in the willow trees
like a nagging mother
adding to the exhausting red
we wore on our cheeks

Our burned skin
craved for cool relief
from the gathering clouds

The thunder rolled in
like a disciplinary father
a bit scary but necessary

When the storm broke loose
we went dead quiet
and lay still next to the ripened melons
soaking up the wonder of summer

My poem “Childhood Summer” was included in the Hidden In Childhood Anthology.


Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt – Tension

The tension between the boss and the new hire is so obvious to everyone in the office.

We heard hard cover folders being thrown to the door, the boss’s fist banging on the desk, shoes shuffling on the wooden floor. When she came out of his office, her face is flushed with red, mascara smeared by tears possibly. We feel really sorry for her because we all know about our boss’s bad temper.

I walked up to her desk and whispered to her, “Sweety, it’ll get better after probation, just hang in there, alright?” She whispered back with a giggle, “I thought it can’t get any better, it was mind blowing!”

The Paradox

When I was a child
I dreamed about growing up fast
Now I do the grown up things
and miss being a child

When I was a little girl
I dreamed about Mr right
Now I am a wife
and miss searching for love

When I was young
I dreamed about starting a family
Now I am a mother
and miss being young and free

When I was unsure of myself
I dreamed about being confident and secure
Now I am matured
and miss the uncertainty of life

Paper Planes

We used to fold
yesterday’s news
into paper planes
and believed the past
would launch into new horizons
if we pressed all the lines
into perfection

All our hopes for tomorrow
would be our reality
until we realized after all
they were once
a vat of pulp
and when the rain came
those planes would wilt
into a mess
our laughter would soon
turn into sour tears

that’s why
I didn’t want to
grow up

This is one of my poems which was included in the Anthology of Hidden In Childhood.

Water – Fire

The cusp child
Born into the best of two elements

Your voice soothes like stream water
Your mind pioneers ideas and aspirations

You are a loyal friend
A passionate lover
A mentor to your children
A rock to your family

Your power pushes forward like a wild fire
Your gentleness always overcomes

The Lucky Fourth

Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt – Silk

She eventually married a practical man.
He reminds her of cotton, comfortable and reliable.

Husband number one was like linen, raw and earthy, but stubborn.

Number two husband was like nylon, clung to her legs and ended up a fake.

Husband number three was the worst of them all who reminded her of silk, sleek and deceiving.
The marriage with him was a string of slippery lies.

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