False Freedom

You boarded the train
With a one way ticket
Thinking that you were going somewhere
Well, well
The journey ended, didn’t it
Soon you came back to square one
Ain’t got nothing to show off
Not a penny in your holed pocket
Loyalty didn’t count for shit in your cv
Older and wiser is a big fat lie
You know why
they built a ladder to heaven
To make sure that
only God would take you
Humans are too fucking selfish
to care about a man
living under the proverty line

Join and Have Some Fun

Six Sentence Story word prompt – MARVEL

“Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories!

What if we had a clock where, instead of the ordinals representing hours, they represented months? At the end of the 12th month, it would roll over to the next year and a number would flash in the center of the clock. The optional feature (of course) is what the year represents. Option 1: your age. Option 2: the current year. Regardless of the numerics, at the conclusion of 12 months, the clock would begin flashing, there, in the center either the YEAR or your AGE…

Hey, let’s give it up for Cassa Bassa! She took me up on last Sunday’s post invitation to provide this week’s prompt word. You go girl!
Have a fantastic week everyone. Challenge yourself. Do something different.

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Return here, link your post Wednesday night through Saturday late…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 😀


“Words are the most subtle symbols which we possess, and our human fabric depends on them.” – Iris Murdoch”

Lost and Found

Last night you swam freely in the ocean
Rode alongside the dolphins
Unafraid of the jelly fish
I wanted to join you to venture into the deep
My body was reality bound
A child longed for freedom through the aquarium glass

This morning I strolled along the beach
Looked for the remnant of the past
No sign of dolphains, nor jelly fish
Only a sail boat on the edge of the horizon
I wondered if you caught my message bottle

Same But Different

like pearls of a broken necklace
fall on rosy cheeks
scatter along with messy emotions
stain a perfect Spring day

like tears of a broken heart
fall on mossy grass
run along with mucky roots
prepare for the perfect growth

A Hope Garden

The Living Poetry prompt – lady, island, essential

The lady in cargo shorts started planting
In the wee hours under the island moonlight

When the sun was up
I knocked to introduce myself to my new neighbour
Over a pot of Turkish coffee
I came to know that she planted
Wild Iris, Obedient Plant, Marsh Marigolds and Rose Milkweed

I can’t wait to see her garden bloom
It will be a luxury in an island
only sustained with the essentials
Imagine the pretty little pink, purple and gold blossoms
swaying in the pacific breeze

Lavender Dance

You slip on the lilac dresses
and run towards the meadow

Soon you are all in positions
in accordance with the choreography

When the bees sing
you start to slow dance
in sunshine yellow

Every cloud in the sky
knows you are exceedingly happy


Wake up to the sound of absolute quietness
Let caffein stimulate my brain nerves
Read through WordPress reader feed once
Read twice to decide if I hit a like
Ponder a comment if I have something to say
Feel inspired
Write words, lines and press save
Write a whole piece and schedule to post
Start my day

A Murderer’s Mind

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Filter

She was as slim as a cigarette.
He longed to be the filter between her divine lips.
Each smoke circle she oozed out blurred his vision and dizzied his mind.
He remembered what his Mama said to him ‘they came to steal your soul son.’
He pressed his hand firmly on her sexy mouth to muffle the screams till her eyes were wide open.
Eventually she was extinguished like a cigarette butt before being tossed to the dumpster.


The lies he told
to remain in the Christmas Island
to stay in a foreign land
labeled as a refugee

He told the officers
that he was homosexual
a Christian,
a Muslim hater

Five years
he had been in a refugee process centre
learned to speak English
to play the guitar

And yet
the paperwork had not come
he would have to be sent back
to his homeland
where he witnessed
his father and brother’s limbs
being blown up
his mother trapped in the burning thatched house

He gathered all the courage left
in his fragmented heart
let the bleach burn his esophagus
He felt the flame and the heat
just like the bombed house fire

In the end
his desperate bravery
granted him a bridging visa
on medical grounds

He learned to play the guitar
with a voice to sing no more
He sleeped with
his plastic special passport
undeaneath his pillow

He still lied about
being homosexual
a Christian
a Muslim hater
just in case
Immigration sent him back
to a place with hellish furnace

Until You

I was never enough
for them.
They looked past me
and allowed their eyes
to wander.

I was too independent for him.
I was too far away from him.
I was too stubborn for him.
I wasn’t calm enough for him.
I wasn’t making enough income for him.
I wasn’t a good enough writer for him.

Until you, my love,
I am enough,
not just for now,
but into the eternity.