Hornet’s surprise

He made her cry
like an orange peel
stung her eyes

He made her numb
like a tangy grapefruit
bittered her tongue

He made her smile
like a ripen orangelo
surprised her lips
with a swell of affection

We don’t dwell here

Living Poetry December Prompt

We came naked
welcomed by clapping hands
and joyful tears
the in breath of the spirit
gave us life on earth

We left naked
farewelled by gripping arms
and tears of sorrow
soulless husks returned to dust
to feed the moss filled ruin

Sinking stone

We farewelled with a hug
after a lazy beach day
I complained about
your sweaty hot skin on mine
your breath burned my earlobe
I dived straight back in the sea
to cool off

When the police kicked down
your apartment door
you laid on the warm floor tiles
bathed in the hot afternoon sun

The coroner released you
in a numbered bag to the holding room
1-5°C was ideal for you

I stood staring at you
in front of the open casket
You looked cold and distant
took no notice of the flush pink
plastered on your face

All the eulogy givers tried so hard
to warm up the service with dead jokes
to comfort the mouners with inconsolable stories
to celebrate your life with cruel death’s doing

You are now a chill stone
tied around my ankle
sinking me forever into the deep blue
withholding your hot sweat
and burning breaths