Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt – Yellowbelly

He was adopted into this town of ringers to work hard in the cattle trade.

Either died in the heat with thirst, or sold himself to the tavern as a slave and prostitute, the choice was obvious.

The Darwin scorching sun fried him into a freckle mess; callouses and blisters kept him in agony; the worse of all, he was belittled by the macho men who called him a Yellowbelly.

He didn’t want to fight back because he was a lot weaker than them, and his God condoned violence.

He prayed to his God like Daniel, three times a day, “Lord, when I am weak, your strength is magnified. Keep me from the temptation to murder them in their sleep, and deliver me from their evil acts. Amen.”

Surely, his God answered his earnest prayer, when the town election came, he was elected to be the local member because he was the only man could read and write.


Living Poetry word prompt – Park

The silver curtain oscillates
with the rhythm of the autumn wind
drenching every surface
of the park
outside my kitchen window

Vaugely the bird songs come through
in the gaps of house chores
until coffee is ready
and a book is chosen

The inviting moist timber chair
and the wet wrought iron table
in the patio
soaking in the rain
My face meets the ash sky in delight

The coffee cup will soon be overflowing
with laughter
The poetry in the book starts shedding
tears of joy

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