I thought writing a bio would be an easy task
Surely I can fill half a page about me
What would the reader want to know about me
What part of me that I’m willing to share
What is the connection between me and my writing
Should it be humourous
Should I just wing it
Am I overthinking

Author: Cassa Bassa

🇦🇺🇨🇳 inquisitive, observant, witty, a thinker, was a misfit child 😊

25 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. An interesting idea Cassa, and no, I don’t think you are overthinking at all. These things, creative things, art, has to be well though, and there is never anything as overthinking. Go for it!

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  2. Dearest Cassa I have to agree with Francis. It also depends on what you are submitting and where. I wrote two books, one a sequel. I spent three years and about $500.00 getting an editor. I actually spent eight hours preparing a submittal to a NY publishing house. I had to update my CV. Write and submit what I would do to help this publisher market my book- I basically came up with a two page marketing plan. The truth at that time that my only publications were technical procedures, required training literature and a 300 page acronym dictionary for Hanford.

    So I wish I could say be fun and talk about who you are but they wanted to know how many books, awards, etc. Then you have the synopsis which is a nightmare. I spent months researching. Work with people who already know you write beautiful poetry, etc. Then say a couple of lines about who you are inside. Congratulations on whatever you’re doing!!! The only reason I feel like I am published now is a couple of people believed in me and my work including Spillwords. You know the same folks and they know you can write. Happy New Year, blessings and lots of love, Joni 🦋🌹🎊🎉❤️

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    1. I admire and respect you and Francisco working on everything with precision and professionism. Absolutely, what we put out in the world needs to withstand the public scrutiny, therefore spending time in planning, researching and organising is required.
      I decided to publish some of my writing, originally for a simple reason – for my son to remember me by. Now I am into the reality of getting things together, I realised it’s more than that. It’s about who I am as a writer and along the way, people who encouraged me and helped me to grow as a writer.
      Like you, I am grateful for encountering people believe in my writing and consider my work worthy of publishing.
      Thank you for your insight and encouragement as always. 💚🤗

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      1. You are too kind Cassa. You always put a lot of thought in your post. I can’t think of a more wonderful way, because you write from your heart, than so your son to have, read, hold and cherish. MasticadoresUSA and Edge of Humanity both have calls out for writers. Spillwords is a great place to also publish. Good luck my friend you are a talented writer. 🦋🌹🥳🎊🎈🎉

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  3. I agree. It’s harder than you’d think! Because you want to be authentic but also humble and not too dry (depending on what it’s going with… some works are more about achievements/qualifications than the person).

    I lean towards a mix of what I’ve done and who I am. Bios are a good way for the reader to connect on a personal level.

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  4. Love this piece, Cassa. I love your authenticity in your feelings here. And I don’t think you’re overthinking at all, that type of reflection often leads to everything coming together. Well done as always 🤗

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