Frank’s Day Out

I went to the bank with Frank
He couldn’t understand
why there were three service windows
and only one teller
We were in the queue of five

It was quite a stressful morning for Frank
It started with my hair colour
Frank pointed at my hair
“Your hair should be black”
He said that to me
every time I wanted to start a sentence

I felt bad
I forgot to tell him before hand
I spooked him with dark blonde hair
on an asian face
It wasn’t logical
Frank was right
My hair should be black

Frank started to pace up and down the queue
“Three windows, one person
it doesn’t add up”
He looked at me
“You hair should be black”
I suggested we went out to the park
left the banking for another day

We walked in the Autumn air
I put my green beanie on
Frank and I shared cookies
underneath a liquid amber
near an empty skateboard park

We counted the cookies
before we enjoyed them
four on each layer
two layers in the Tupperware
four cookies each we had
To Frank
that made perfect sense