Coffee Aroma

The leftover smell of leather comes to life
In the company of fragrant coffee beans
Those wavy vapors that dance straight to my mind
She smells so overwhelming and dark

The way she sips her morning coffee
reminds me of last night
The exhilarating constraints around my neck
her each command sends me
to the edge of eruption

Her surprising relaxed composure
leaves satisfying aftertaste
Such delight I, for sure come back for more


selective focus photography of vintage brown and gray coffee grinder
Photo by Tom Swinnen on


every morning
you are my first thought
to guide my eyes open

your aromour is like
the genie
twirling out of the bottle
to fulfil my wishes

I get my hopes up
throughout the day
just like
most of the modern medicines
camouflage the symptoms
but cure nothing

I am hyped up
to watch myself
crashing in the margin of
a rollercoaster ride