People who don't go with the flow 
are considered to be a nuisance. 
They are despised upon.

There is a difference between 
a doubtful mind 
and a paranoid mind.

There is a level of ignorance
in people who are 
full of confidence.

“The important thing 
is not to stop questioning. 
Curiosity has its own reason 
for existence."
- Albert Einstein

We Are One

The Six Sentence Story prompt – Kettle

I watched the news and saw how they keep the activists in the kettle during a protest.
It reminds me of fencing the society outcasts in a so call self contained farm.
There is little difference from quarantine.
They are supplied with minimal essential items and expected to survive in a self sufficient way which we all know to be impossible.
They are out of sight, out of mind while the rest of us wonder why sometimes we have broken sleep and experience an unexplainable sense of dread.
We are all connected as inhabitants on mother earth where we share each other’s joy or suffering.