The miracles of love

let’s look up to the sky
to count the miracles of love
before the meteor shower

how love made us

soared among the avalanche
swam in a whirlpool of clouds

poured out composition of
distinctive colour contrasts
from a desolate interior
created masterpieces that
transcend emotions and impact
with buzzing noises

smiled brightly in monochromatic suffering
wept deeply for the oppressed in our triumph

love is boundless
even the shooting stars are
no match for her


They are bloggers
tapping their life on two screens
from the initial collision
progressing to sleep deprived nights
filled with wonders and laughter

The courtship
fueled them with creativity
Great art works
splashed on a starlight canvas
with primal hues and mystic tones
sprayed with rusted shades
perfected with mastery final tints

When the exhausion set in
they lamented in clarinet and cello duet
until the sun came up on a new day
to conclude the burial

Greif lingered like autumn rain
until the sun peeked out to
strike a rainbow over the sky
sending out a sumliminal message of hope

Their love affair made them
painters and musicians
but foremost Poets

Silk road

the mystical red scarf
fluttered from the east to the west

transcended history and art
religions and technology
medicines and plagues

she survived
the harsh sand storms
the blistering desert sun
she surpassed
the camel corpses
the night thieves

prevailed the long journey
she staked out in torn shreds
marked the history
in scarlet

Silk Road (album) – Kitaro