Confusion Says

Your scarred hand caught my heart
wrapped around the chambers and vessels
housed the over stimulated nerves

When you placed my heart back into the void
I covered your hand on my heart
the song of redemption played to heal us

A scar knows a bare nerve
Two broken mend at once
Three lined poetry is one stanza too many

Common cold


having a common cold is a minor inconvenience

when my nose is runny
can’t stop sneezing
my head is stuffy
with dully ache
thinking is strenuous
when my mind feels congested
resting should bring reprieve
yet challenged by body aches
the low grade fever
zaps my creativity

having a common cold is a minor inconvenience
the prints in the book is blurry
the music sounds fuzzy
the writing is just mumbo jumbo
an indecent canto

having a common cold is an outright inconvenience