1. Jabbed vs unjabbed
2. Green pass vs none
3. No jab no job
4. Unjabbed is accused to be selfish human beings
5. Plannedemic
6. Media control
7. "The New World Order"
8. Unjabbed quarantine camps
9. The pandemic of the unjabbed
10. This has never happened, don't know what you are talking about. It sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.

Ocean Spring

A Collaboration of Cassa and Lucy

dark clouds gather overheadĀ as the rolling thunder
sets my soul on fire

lightning brings about the sparkĀ 
I longed to ignite our flameĀ 

overflowing in the depths of my tempestuous heartĀ 
my inner sense of desire
yearning for the calm waves to wash over meĀ 

ever so gentle rhythmic in unison with my heart beat
the lull of your breathing brings aboutĀ 
a peaceful and serene plateau of joyous abandonmentĀ 

your voice, so quiet and sublime
echos in the distance far from silent ears
nothing measures up to the peace you grant me
the gentle trickle spring you let inĀ 
in painstaking patience
nourishes my weathered heart

unbeknown to you
the frozen particles in my being thaw in your presence
you are the heart and soul of my universeĀ 
your spring overflows my cupĀ 

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