Barely contained

Have you ever
Have you ever wanted someone so much
It crippled your mind

Have you ever needed someone so much
It burned you alive

You spoke my heart out in my ear
So I am under no illusion, delusion, of this resolution

There are ripples, a volcano, firecrackers, hot springs in my heart

I lay face down to keep them simmering, stewing, supressing

Behind the giggles

Sulphurous fumes bubbling up hot springs
Pressure cooker letting out scorching  steam
Our giggles channeling burning needs

Tunnel Gallery

living in the gloomy dullness of life
I saw the piercing light
like the mobile phone notification flashing at night

walking through this unfamiliar tunnel
seeker of the illumination
stretch my arms to the walls
guiding my path in the pitch black

my fingers interpreting the rough fossils on the walls
they speak despair, torment, light and beauty
frame by frame these engraving paintings of art
I drench in all the emotions on offer
without sight
my kinesthetic fingers
reading them in wondrous

you are the light drawn me to the walk
your life I have experienced
in this tunnel of art
when I finally reach you
I will be undone, done and

Must be done

today I received your heart
across the ocean
it clicked with my half
to fill the void
I feel whole again

and yet
this return took all away from
your empty shell
left soulless
dragging along the mundane

a sacrifice you made
so the last bit of remain
has to die
before newness
bears fruit


I hold your heart in esteem
My Love
for the sacrifice you made
for me to be whole

I guard your soul in vigilance
My Love
for the devotion you gave
for me to be me

I protect your mind in long suffering
My Love
for the pledge you bestowed
on me to be your helper

How grateful I am
My Love
for you are meant for me
and I am for you


Would your heart be mended
with my thousand kisses
to turn back the clock?

Would my spirit find you
just before you were beaten?

Would you know me when
I blew that dandelion to reach you?

Would you feel me
when my first wish
made by the birthday candles?

Would my arms outstretch enough
to fend off the cold regrets?

I have always been there with you
a rib missing her hollow cage!


we are in a code of frequency
wave and light in sync
with one breath

no wonder
we were deaf and dumb before
we vibrated into one another

here we are
orchestrating a masterpiece
in perfection