Let us fall into each other’s eyes
swim as one
from the tip of the bay
to the deepest heartbeat

In God’s presence
let us burn into sublime beauty
my name inked in your skin
your blood flows in my arteries




We are such homebodys
the couch is our sanctuary
where the shapes of us
sinking into
the wings of a butterfly
gives life to our dream

There is no more safer space
than the span of us
where body temperature
is within reach
our flesh
is in contact
each of our worlds
knitted into one
bright colourful
landscape of

we are home at ease
in one breath
one flesh
one uniting
force of life


It feels like home
seeing the Chinese arts
hung on the walls;
cooking in a cosy mess
where everything is within reach;
talking, joking, laughing,
doing life together effortlessly;
making every minute
the illustration
of the next
for the rest of today
and all the tomorrows to come.

It feels like home
where my heart rests upon
the solace of your love.

Make may way to you

tread the long and winding road
thorns and thistles
storm and hail
make my way to you

I make my way to you
calm and clear
blooms and twine
we skip down the narrow path


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Love as a masterpiece

My love!
I only stand in distance admiring your grand beauty.
My absolute adoration for you leaves no room for coquetry.

Would anyone dare to smear their hands on Van Gogh’s painting just for their own pleasure?
Would anyone be so insensitive to shout cheers in the middle of Peter Grimes?

My love!
I am in awe of you, my masterpiece!
My obsession for you is beyond the need to possess you.
Trust me!
You are safe with me. I am the keeper of your heart.


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