Love goes on

This is an interpretation of Jun’s poem which was written in chinese.


Blue sky peeps through the snow
Spring bursts forth the cold days
Love cycles amidst the lonely nights
We survive another season of separation


I love you like a sunflower looks up patiently for the rain
I love you like a child dances freely with the ocean waves
I love you like a helper takes upmost pride in her protector
I love you like a humble servant selflessly waits her master
I love you like a saint keeps no record of wrongs
I love you like a gentle soul forever keeps you safe and secure
I love you like this all my waking moment every day
I don’t know how to love you any other way

Romantic punishment

I keep saying
the honeymoon period will end in due time
you will no longer write poetry about me

You said there is no such thing
I am just overthinking myself stupid
waiting for tragedy to happen
when there is no reason to believe
that our love is fading

As a punishment
I have got your man flu
you have got my period

Simply satisfied

her heart is
the rollercoaster
in the amusement park
of the sanctuary valley

she is grateful
when she sounds
I need you
I want you
I miss you
I love you
they boomerang

what better place
than this
where her heart
finds rest

无尽之爱 Endless love

This is a poem I collaborate with Jun


last night
you appeared in my dreams
fluttering your wings
in an empty room
devoid of music

this morning
I woke up
with the trail of the incense
burning in my studies
mistaken to be
your sensual perfume
my stained bathrobe
weighted me down
with the dread of
a new day

I keep watching
the moon courting the stars
till dawn
a reality of my life
till I will see you again
when I am old and grey
you know my love
this endless reminiscence
I shall satisfy
till the last of
my breath

Letter to self

5 year old Cassa
quiet and reserved
keep singing in the shower
nobody needs to know

13 year old Cassa
still an ugly duck
keep wearing boy’s uniforms
nobody gives a fuck

18 year old Cassa
boys are gross
books smell much better
write your raw heart out
spill it on pages
who cares if
they never ever get read

21 year old Cassa
good on you
pack your bag
go as far as you can
chase a place called home
for your unsettled heart

30 year old Cassa
I know you are tired
sitting with your feelings
is never comfortable
if you don’t
they will be burried further
and the scars become deeper
it will take longer to heal

40 year old Cassa
you are exhausted
aren’t you love
there is a way out
you know love
you just need to
take the first step
then the rest follows

50 year old Cassa
you are laughing at yourself
always taking things so seriously
remember the 5 year old you
sang in the shower
when you first found your voice
keep that childlike free spirit
and innocence
life is funny, laughable
and joyous

60 year old Cassa
slow down
no one is watching
and competing with your vigour
the kids understand
that you can’t catch up
with the grandkids
and he is even slower than you
so relax Cassa

70 year old Cassa
by all means
glue to him
just like when you first met
be the couch potatoes together
let him rub your feet
give all your best
in a killer blow job
cos any day
could be your last
why not live in climax

Sometimes fighting is the only way out

They all let her go in the end
out of courtesy
out of respect
out of uncertainty

What were they uncertain about
she wondered
about their ability
about her worth
about the love between them

The train of regret never stopped
moved backward towards where it all began
the sunshine
the sparks
the sublime beauty
all the disagreement
all the fights
all the uncertainty

They all thought there was no beauty in
all the flaws
all the cracks
all the heartache
so they gave up
on their self worth
along with hers

In the end
nothing was worth fighting for
they wallowed in nostalgia
she was soaked in self pity