Rebuilt Hearts

Love manifests in a force of connection
The burning of passion gives off a campfire comfort
It is peace I adore in the deep forest of life
The evergreen thrives in a dim rustic old farmhouse
where we build our light filled home with callus hands

My Happy Place

I used to take long drives to see the ocean
and let the waves saturate me with calmness

I used to hike to the top of the lookout
and let the sunrise bathe me in hope

I used to cuddle a soft pillow to sleep
and let the dreams tell me the future

I fell into your arms
where all my desires were sated
where my heart was nestled in
my happy place

I Did I Do I Will

Did I give it all to all I loved?
I did!
That was the only way I knew how to love.

Do I believe love conquers all?
I do!
That is the only faith I hold fast.

Will I see the triumph of love ?
I will!
This is the only solemn pledge I will make to you.


She reached out her hand in the crowd
He took hold of it and won her heart

She was scared of the honeymoon syndrome
One day he would stop holding her hand
Especially on days that she was drowning
He would be too busy to lift her up

To her surprise
He was always there next to her
His fingers interwove hers
Till his hands were wrinkled and cold
When he took his last breath
She had remained his priority
Since the day he saw her in the crowd

Overambitious Love

A collaboration with Benjamin Grossman

Her emerald beauty circled his upright being
She stretched her sublime allure to capture the snow
He felt the weight in totality
It exceeded what he could possibly endure

Most days there was a smokey haze between them
And this fog formed uneven walls
With tiny openings just wide enough
To let toxic fumes leak through

In desperation,
she let out her slow poison
He turned himself inside out to survive
But was never the same man as before
Nor she the same woman

They had interwoven
like a tree wrapped in vines
They wanted to thrive under any conditions
That’s what all lovers long to do
Tragically they couldn’t harness the moonlight
Nor grow within the embers of dying flames


The Six Sentence Story prompt – Bend

Sometimes it is difficult to tell a story without admitting I am a slow learner in life lessons.

My determination and commitment to love didn’t lead me to happy ever after. Instead, it triggered a series of unfortunate love affairs which I was blindsided by my own sheer faith in strong will.

And by the same strong will, I have not given up on love. With the same diligence, I have found myself like a donkey pulling a mill keep pressing on bit by bit till I pass the bend. There will be a day I see the harvest of believing in things unseen.


The Living Poetry prompt – Late

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Love is worthy of waiting
All the past tribulation
and perseverance
lead to the great encounter
Love never arrives late
as life is never filled
with bitter regrets
it is full of reward
for those who seek love


She searched love everywhere
But no matter how many catches
professed their love for her
she still felt
the hole in her heart
the passion unquenched
until she heard the voice above
and she understood
the meaning of love
then she was finally satisfied

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