Wedding Crasher

This piece is written inspired by Autumn’s arrival. I wrote Autumn as the bride, and I am the jealous wedding crasher.

The church bell rings
My heart skips a beat

The vision of you
in all your splendour
turns my blushing cheeks
into specks of dirt
beneath your feet
for flower girls to sit on
around the hem
of your bridal gown

I cannot bear the sight
of your groom
takes your hand
and the glow
reflected off of his eyes

I swear
I want to be the blizzard
to blow off your wedding
and kidnap you
into my avalanche
of love

Hiking in Spring

He told her he was going hiking to catch a glimpse of September blooms. She knew the route like the back of her hand. Many times, they hiked to the vantage point where the Tatarian maple stood giving shades for resting and ground for play.

She remembered how he laughed at her impractical hiking dress code: sports cap, sundress and hiking boots. In her mischievous mind, she knew that was the perfect outfit. It was proven by all the passionate moments under that tree.

She couldn’t go hiking with him anymore for he was no longer her man, physically, anyway. But both of them knew, they always went hiking together. The moment he took a rest under the Tatarian maple, she was there just like many times before. It was hard to focus on the fresh spring flowers when his nostril was filled with her slightly moist scent from perspiration.

She was having a cup of earl grey on the daybed under the warm sun, taking a break from reading. Her mind wandered to him. She sensed that he was sitting with his back against the trunk of that maple, drinking mineral water. She could see the movement of his Adam’s apple. That’s usually the time she would agilely climb on his lap, lifting, then scattering her sundress for cover. He would never refused her, always gave her every ounce of himself in exchange of watching the satisfaction on her face while she parading over him like a peacock.

Sometimes, they wished their connection was broken when they parted ways. And some times, they secretly, earnestly gravitated towards each other, specially in Spring, a season of everything grows.

Preying Love

This is a collaboration with Sana on Ted Bundy and Elizabeth Kloepfer. You may read more about Sana’s wonderful poetry via Instagram @Confessions_of_Sophia

is my around the clock
bloodshed fantasy
You give me relief
like I once was
a new babe
slept in peace
without a worry
in this monochromatic world

A viral contempt 
simmers in the pit of my stomach 
As I lay awake  
and stare at the roof
empty eyes 
died a few months ago 
though your love resides still 
In my chest as I take a pill
through lows and highs 
till my pride denounced my cries
of endless love 
of your name 
Now I am amorphous 
out of love 
The heart is embers 
I carry this emblem 
on the vacant mausoleum
of corpse once called memories

Somthing is off
my solace, my love
You make me edgy
All of a sudden
You are out of my possession
You were once the crib
I returned to
after a blood thirsty hunt
my resting place for reprieve
you are out of reach
You befriended the dandelion
and are madly in love with wine

It wasn’t you
It was obsession
that made me fall in love with
bloodthirsty vampire
Your good boy next door grace
yet you never left a trace
You gnawed, clawed at my soul
It was a total blackout
within and without
When you eerily kissed me
left blood from a killing spree
I was obssessed
I was maybe your next nominee
The back yard echoes your melodies
You were a prodigy
of your world
But I am left with nothing
falling in abyss

A Labourer of Love

The Six Sentence Story word prompt – Theory

When Sage was a young girl, she applied the theory of love in life. Soon she discovered that love was a multi-faceted gemstone. Love didn’t just shine on its own.

Sage learned the patience of mastering her craftmanship. Through trial and error, she progressively brought love out to be shining bright.

The love Sage laboured became the most precious gemstone in heaven.


It’s ok to feel sorry for yourself.
But don’t allow youself drown in self-pity.

It’s ok to find comfort in others once in a while.
But don’t mistake it to be the only way out.

It’s ok to hate the offense others committed.
But don’t think for a while they should be hated too.

It’s ok to express anger.
But don’t let anger become your master.

Love is always the antidote.
Love saves one another.

Birds and You

I love the quiet
But I prefer birds sing
I am tired of listening to people
But your speaking makes me happy
Someone is so full of enthusiasm
It isn’t what I am used to
Someone is so full of life
It is what my heart desires
How satisfying
A life filled with birds singing
And you