Thoughts on Old Photos VIII

Semi teases
Some year some day
Still she will wait here
Shall I quit searching for love

Photographed by Joe Femia

Hearts and Paper Aeroplane

Collaboration with Jonathan Swift Pines

Photo from


No, I’m not claiming that I always write.
When I do, my heart’s like a jar -sealed tight.
And when it pops ajar, you hear it “thump.”

No, I don’t think I always love you right.
When I do, my soul swells like puppy eyes.
When I write, I snort happily for you.

When I’m bad, I’m bad. When I’m good, I’m good.
I’d love to love you right now, if I could.
But if I’m astray, please try tomorrow.

When I’m sad, I write. When I’m loved, I write.
I’d love to store you in my sealed tight jar.
Only let out happiness than sorrow.

Sorry, love, but this is our last “goodnight.”
I’m not always honest in all I write.
So keep your happy times safe and sealed tight.
Don’t let a dreamer like me steal your heart. . .




It is so difficult to love you.
When you need me to hold you, you want me to stand in distance.
When I fade too far away, your eyes are filled with sadness.
I can’t touch your face to wipe off your tears.
Because you won’t let me be close to you.

It is so difficult to stop loving you.
I read all your unspoken words like the love I were not allowed to confess.
Why do we understand each other so much with so little contact?
I wish I don’t feel or experience your emotions like my own.
Because I can’t separate myself from you.

It is so difficult to know what to do,
except write to you chérie, knowing you will never let our hearts be whole.

Goodnight chérie!

Your heartbroken fool

Always with me

I wanted to write
something romantic
on Valentine’s Day

The performance pressure
ate up
my little brain

I wrote nothing
for you
needlessly to say

I thought to myself today
what is the one thing
to give up
that I will hate

and caffeine

Then it daunted
on me
you are
my coffee keep cup
who accompanies me
from the moment I wake
to the moment
I close the curtain of
the daily play


She sits in silence by the sea
lets the waves orchestrate music
to make sense of her internal chaos

He stands behind her
hands in his pockets
knowing her spirit is crushed
She is trapped in her own mind
He is not allowed to rescue her
he is not allowed
Hopelessness shouts so loud
so loud

When he was a child
he mended
rain worn kites to set them fly high again
he tended
wounded animals to nurse them back to health
He comforts
friends with broken hearts
strangers with despair

She sits in stillness on the rock
lets the descending sun withhold its warmth
to sentence her to another imprisonment

He kneels on the sand behind her
fists dent deep
There is nothing
he can do
he will do
he loves her

Love goes on

This is an interpretation of Jun’s poem which was written in chinese.


Blue sky peeps through the snow
Spring bursts forth the cold days
Love cycles amidst the lonely nights
We survive another season of separation


I love you like a sunflower looks up patiently for the rain
I love you like a child dances freely with the ocean waves
I love you like a helper takes upmost pride in her protector
I love you like a humble servant selflessly waits her master
I love you like a saint keeps no record of wrongs
I love you like a gentle soul forever keeps you safe and secure
I love you like this all my waking moment every day
I don’t know how to love you any other way