when I see your face

my soul sparkles through the crescents
to absorb the mirror image of yours

my wrinkles flee from the past
to foretell the future

when I see your face

my darkest days are merely inconvenience
like a cup of ill-made coffee

my ailing body is just an excuse
to curl up next to you

when I see your face

the world around me dims
to a backdrop of the milky way

when I see your face

A tragic mind

she sits on the rope day bed
he weaved for her
cinnamon coffee swirls its way
into her fond memory of him

he used to massage her feet
while she was tapping away
to create sad stories from
her tragic mind

day after day
she could not believe
his unwavering love
he was like the floor lamp
giving out a glow to
clothe her in comfort and love

she always kept that
little distance and space
where he was blinded by confusion
he did feel like he was
just part of the furniture
fit for a purpose but
underserving of her love

now she is sitting alone and
writing a tragic poem on
what it should have been
a happy ever after


she is used to eating dinner alone
with Netflix on her laptop playing
she is not sure about
sharing a couch and dinner
interacting with each other

she is used to taking a bath
in the company of candle lights
and a glass of wine
she is not sure about
having another to
refill her glass
trim the candle wicks and
sit quietly to watch her
with desire simmering

change is a good thing
if there is
harmony in being together
and passion for one another


You know how I know you are for me?
When I see your face I am happy
not for the things we do together
or the time we spend together
for I love the me being with you!

V – Kiss Collection

The morning sun mantles
the ivy-twined house

Her face meets his warmth
and yet is still too early
for the piecing shards
to lance her umber orbs

Her craving lips part to
drink in all his affection

The lone house shimmers
in the sun-poured adoration


You are like a breeze that
eases the turmoil
burning hurts

You are like a breeze that
wraps me around
sure security

You are like a breeze,
the most flirtatious of
all atmospheres

You are like a breeze that
belongs to
ocean pull