Denise’s six Sentence Story word prompt – Book

Books is a safe place to hide. The avalanches of emotions expressed in everybody’s but my story.

I got the whole world in my reading room. It is vast enough, so I burn my suitcase into ashes. Who cares if I don’t set foot out of this door again.

Books hold me hostage to the freedom I always hope to find in them.


Writing with others are both inspiring and fun. I hope you enjoy this collaboration between me and Bree. Reading Bree’s work is like walking into her garden in every season.  Secret Thoughts Within

An exhausted heart,
asking no more for rain
A shameful shadow
deserving no reprieve from disdain

A drip,
running down from the heavens to my soul
A refreshment,
replenishing the drought within me

A book,
doing just that to rescue me
A story,
unfolding before my eyes
making my heart sing again

Book Characters

The walk between prologue
and epilogue
lasts a span of time
only you can decide

We live
We cry
We die
The emotions tower in you
only last a rain showers

No matter how you see us
your opinion only lasts
the length of a pen
in the writer’s hand

The remanence of us
like ghosts live in
the echo of your resounding life
in drips, drops and shreds

Every now and then
You raise a glass
toast to our unceasing spirits
residing in the depth
of your heart