This poem is inspired by Little Charmer and RoBIN

We look understated
in life’s comedy show
out flow the liquid words
in dry style

If it’s dark
we make it funny
outlive death
for another day

Gobble down
the dark and dry
Moisten our lips
and give a few more screwballs
to win no one’s approval

Shut down

my heart is pounding
while my body is in sleep mode
my mind is lucid in another state

my mind is considering to
command my body to move
in a toss and turn
while is also persuading itself to
leave the body alone

‘we need to slow down the heart rate’
can’t do it coz she is upset and stressed’
‘let’s tell her to relax and breathe’
‘she can’t coz she is blocking us’
‘true, that’s why her body shut down’
‘yea, at least she is safe’