Tunnel Gallery

living in the gloomy dullness of life
I saw the piercing light
like the mobile phone notification flashing at night

walking through this unfamiliar tunnel
seeker of the illumination
stretch my arms to the walls
guiding my path in the pitch black

my fingers interpreting the rough fossils on the walls
they speak despair, torment, light and beauty
frame by frame these engraving paintings of art
I drench in all the emotions on offer
without sight
my kinesthetic fingers
reading them in wondrous

you are the light drawn me to the walk
your life I have experienced
in this tunnel of art
when I finally reach you
I will be undone, done and


Would your heart be mended
with my thousand kisses
to turn back the clock?

Would my spirit find you
just before you were beaten?

Would you know me when
I blew that dandelion to reach you?

Would you feel me
when my first wish
made by the birthday candles?

Would my arms outstretch enough
to fend off the cold regrets?

I have always been there with you
a rib missing her hollow cage!


I heard your last words
my heart is like a scatty cat
leaping to find
her tail got caught in the
propeller of the
exhaust pipe of
your moving heart

Love is the barricade

I don’t have much good memories of you

Yet you managed to discard things tying me to the few

Do boundaries mean anything to you

How could I trust when I am not respected

You are not a child

No use to throw tantrums to get what you want

Certainly no use to hide your misbehavings

Chance is for whom taking it seriously

Only when I am gone you will stand to be a man

I am the floating jetty

Anchoring between you and your full potential


Pale face
I almost lost you
I cried over the diminishing sparks in your eyes

Pale face oh my fairest
I sobbed over the thought of losing you

Pale face
Let me hold you
Place your head on my chest
My heartbeats thumping your blood float
Multiplying your crimson stains

Pale face
I finally made it right here
Please, please don’t fade away


Those days
We wrote each other letters
From passing notes to
Confessing love

The letters you wrote to me
I kept setting them on fire
As if burning them into ashes
You would be erased

And yet
We still write to each other in dreams
Always in a distance and always in silence
Except when the pen scratching the paper
My heart aches