You said my face said it all.

I frowned when I was really mad at you
without uttering any offensive words.
I raised my eyebrows when I was skeptical
instead of questioning your integrity.
I looked far away when I was sad
with no trace of tears.

I couldn’t argue with you.
I didn’t see my own expressions.

Photo by Candice Picard


She sits to watch
the epilogue of summer
pass by

Her pleated skirt waves
to the fading whistle
of the oceanic breeze

The memory of sunburn
sates the passion
she holds within

The frosty mornings
reminds her
the wisdom of waiting

And now
she grows frantic
in the lukewarm


Funny Mood

I feel blah
It is one of those days
that repeats itself
without any

This hour
I feel nothing
It is one of those states
that appears intermittently
without any

This time
I say something
It is one of those outpours
that shocks me
without any

By now
you must wonder
what I have said
Without any
let me tell you
I said
blah blah blah

Mechanical sex

Our bodies are pleasured
in mechanical precision
spiral from bangs and pops
to a flatliner

The short lived happy hormones
are still
lingering in our minds

Our spirits have lost
their joyous sparks
in our world of
lack of
self expression
self love

silhouette photo of man leaning on heart shaped tree
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

Shut down

my heart is pounding
while my body is in sleep mode
my mind is lucid in another state

my mind is considering to
command my body to move
in a toss and turn
while is also persuading itself to
leave the body alone

‘we need to slow down the heart rate’
can’t do it coz she is upset and stressed’
‘let’s tell her to relax and breathe’
‘she can’t coz she is blocking us’
‘true, that’s why her body shut down’
‘yea, at least she is safe’



I would never thought to
miss the kookaburra
woke me up at 5am
but I do today
along with other things

watching the fish swimming
in the water hyancinth filled
inground pond

reading by the crackling fire
under the shade cloth

the smell of lavender, rosemary,
basil and sage from the garden

Sunday roast
and the laughter
once a family gathering brought

they are not the things
made me feel like home
but today
just today
I do miss

Tunnel Gallery

living in the gloomy dullness of life
I saw the piercing light
like the mobile phone notification flashing at night

walking through this unfamiliar tunnel
seeker of the illumination
stretch my arms to the walls
guiding my path in the pitch black

my fingers interpreting the rough fossils on the walls
they speak despair, torment, light and beauty
frame by frame these engraving paintings of art
I drench in all the emotions on offer
without sight
my kinesthetic fingers
reading them in wondrous

you are the light drawn me to the walk
your life I have experienced
in this tunnel of art
when I finally reach you
I will be undone, done and


a rib missing her hollow cage!Would your heart be mended

with my thousand kisses
to turn back the clock?

Would my spirit find you
just before you were beaten?

Would you know me when
I blew that dandelion to reach you?

Would you feel me
when my first wish
made by the birthday candles?

Would my arms outstretch enough
to fend off the cold regrets?

I have always been there with you

Love is the barricade

I don’t have much good memories of you

Yet you managed to discard things tying me to the few

Do boundaries mean anything to you

How could I trust when I am not respected

You are not a child

No use to throw tantrums to get what you want

Certainly no use to hide your misbehavings

Chance is for whom taking it seriously

Only when I am gone you will stand to be a man

I am the floating jetty

Anchoring between you and your full potential