Best Weekend Ever

Christmas activities have prefilled my calendar
from early November to late January
Jesus was only born in human form once
His birthday warrants a marathon celebration
Of course I am not arguing that

For some magical reason
this weekend is complete free
no friends or family gathering
no kid’s sport or birthday party
no grocery nor Christmas shopping
no tidy-up nor home cleaning

This is almost a hard fact to digest
You look at me
I look at you
You blink
I wink
This is gonna be the best weekend ever
Let’s do fuck all

Happy Stout


The Living Poetry prompt


Family and friends come visit
Little teapot short and stout
Warm and fragrant pour it out
Freshly baked choc chip cookies
everybody scoffs them down
Mama wipes off sweat with hand covered in flour
Papa stands up facing Mama holding a mirror
Chuckles from her round belly rumbling loud
Our little home filled with happy smiles