A Lullaby

The Living Poetry prompt – Sleep

When the wind blows
The trees grow old
My baby’s in a sleep
All my worries unfold

When the sun rises
The new day begins
My heart’s filled with hope
watching my baby grow

close up photo of sleeping baby
Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

South Pole

Our naive determination
to become citizens of Antarctica
to imitate the penguins
and the hourglass dolphins
live in a world of desert
without camels

We are like albatrosses
a perfect icon
for the virtues of marriage
on perspex display

Our hearts live in the same
uninhabitable curve
filled with summer daylight
and cold
drenched in winter darkness
and colder

I wonder
where do we go from here
except going around in circles
of South Pole


standing two black and white penguins
Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com


A man will not hide under his armpit
Make excuses for his lazy manner
Binge watch The Bachelorette
Idolise chick flicks immaturity
Take advantage of little old lady Terri
Insult public school children’s intelligence
Order take-away fluffy Chinese omelette
Nothing to do but masturbate on sofa all night


The Living Poetry prompt

I gave you sunshine
You didn’t see it

I gave you moonlight
You didn’t appreciate it

I gave you children’s laughter
You got annoyed

I gave you a sweet someone
You complained when would the one come

I gave you a loyal puppy
You said there was too much work

You let all the blessings pass by
Now you cry to me like an orphan
‘God are you ever there?’

Travel Away

The Living Poetry visual prompt

There is something about packing up your bag
to travel away from all things
unresolved, unresolvable, underserving of resolution

There is this escape to
an unknown, unfamiliar, understating place
where your story is new, fresh, mysterious
worthy of all the attention from strangers

The you on a travel trip
is you
is the you never expressed
isn’t you
isn’t the you known most of your lifetime

A plane carries you away
to a land of wonder
only you define it to be
when the troubled waters
flooded home

(Photo by Stephanie Katz)

Happy Stout


The Living Poetry prompt


Family and friends come visit
Little teapot short and stout
Warm and fragrant pour it out
Freshly baked choc chip cookies
everybody scoffs them down
Mama wipes off sweat with hand covered in flour
Papa stands up facing Mama holding a mirror
Chuckles from her round belly rumbling loud
Our little home filled with happy smiles

We Are One

The Living Poetry prompt


Despair is hidden in all walks of life
Pain does not discriminate against people
We suffer with our brothers and sisters
Not in silence
But in the open
The act of service is being there
Hand in hand
Side by side
Listening, sharing, caring
Supporting and doing life together
As one


The Living Poetry prompt

He slips the blue sapphire
onto her finger
prays for her spirit
to turn towards him

She accepts his ring of proposal
prays for his envy and jealousy
banished from their life forward

Will the blue sapphire
be the magic wand
grant them fidelity
in marriage
be the smallest handcuff
imprison her heart

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