Life in Darkness

The NoblemanWarrior prompt

The forest is such a dark place
she has a witch charm
draws me deep into
her cradle of despair

Hope dresses in a patch of new life
reminds me who I am
a heritage of God
destined for greatness


The Living Poetry prompt

He slips the blue sapphire
onto her finger
prays for her spirit
to turn towards him

She accepts his ring of proposal
prays for his envy and jealousy
banished from their life forward

Will the blue sapphire
be the magic wand
grant them fidelity
in marriage
be the smallest handcuff
imprison her heart

The leopard’s prayer

The Living Poetry prompt

My ancestors in heaven
snow king be your name

Your kingdom come
your will be done
in winter as it is in other seasons

Give me this day my daily prey
and protect me from my predators
as I also have protected my cubs

And lead me not into desolation
but deliver me from famine


The Living Poetry Prompt


I’ve done my neck in
too much jigsaw puzzling it seems
The agony doesn’t stop me
you know
the holiday commitments
the cook, the chauffeur, the cleaning lady

Mild pain killers
barely scratches the surface
of an acute nerve pain
I am on edge with a contorted face
matching the crooked spine

The kids have been splashing in the pool
for hours
Guests start waking up
from the lunch coma
The late afternoon sun
mellows to a warm glow

It seems to be fitting
to play cafe del mar
I am making caipiroska cocktails
tasting is a must
for an amateur bartender
It takes at least three
to make the fourth one perfect

Everybody loves their drink
is it their smile
or the festival spirit
I am floating
without pain

I finally can see my life again
playing in slow motion
My heart rate slows down
My neck is no longer stiff
The music is fading into the household noise
The guests are happy I guess
their faces are blooming
I am ok I guess
in such pain free numbness
How else can it be?

Early Morning On Boxing Day Down Under

The Living Poetry Prompt

the Laughing Kookaburra sings
the loud mouth aunt from afar
wearing floral prints dress
busier than the Christmas tree
taking over the karaoke
nobody in the house
hears anybody else

my breath
stale with vodka martini
olives and smoked meat scraps
in between my teeth
who would think
I am peckish again
standing in front of the fridge
in my short jammies
searching for
cold turkey and cranberry sauce

this will tide me over
to the 11 o’clock big brunch
served with
blue berry pancakes and beacon
poached eggs on sour dough
sauteed mushroom and tomatoes

for now
before the house is fully awake
best to enjoy a strong cuppa
and the short breeze
before the sun rises to
stink the fertilised backyard
and listen to
more drunken rellos’ banter

Then and forever

The Living Poetry prompt


it was always
in the spring rain
you took my hand
and ran towards the pear blossoms
our stumbling footsteps
shook the petals
they snowed landing on my hair
you took them off piece by piece
when I looked up
to your concerning eyes
raindrops threaded through
such delicate lashes
you took my breath away
oh how I wished
for the rest of our life
I would take your name
to be mine

A pompous poem

Prompt from The Living Poetry

A Black Cat Darted Expeditiously
Fronted Gates of Hell
Inflicted Jagged Killing

Lonesome Mountains
No One Prepared the Queen to Return
Stuck in This Useless Void
Wicks Xanthic of a Young Zeal