A pompous poem

Prompt from The Living Poetry

A Black Cat Darted Expeditiously
Fronted Gates of Hell
Inflicted Jagged Killing

Lonesome Mountains
No One Prepared the Queen to Return
Stuck in This Useless Void
Wicks Xanthic of a Young Zeal

We don’t dwell here

Living Poetry December Prompt

We came naked
welcomed by clapping hands
and joyful tears
the in breath of the spirit
gave us life on earth

We left naked
farewelled by gripping arms
and tears of sorrow
soulless husks returned to dust
to feed the moss filled ruin


God crafted you
and gifted you to me

It was meant for me
to teach you
how to soar across the sky
with only a thin string
in my unskilled hands

I was so scared
to let you fly high
watching the wind toss you
into the unknown
doing somersaults
in the middle of a storm
keeping your head
above the murky clouds

You agilely danced
across the atmosphere
rode above the turbulence
trusting I had the string
to keep you afloat

I looked at my empty hands
I looked up at your freedom
and marvelled
God had filled the uncertainty
in between


A tiny poem

Living Poetry prompt

is full stop an ending
ending in a dot
a dot of minuscule
minuscule holds the power of an ending
an ending of a life
a life springs from the ending

The prodigal daughter

car tyres roll on
the crackling pebble road
I drag my laden footsteps
to the yellow mud brick house
the door of my childhood flung open
grandma greets me with
her broad smile hung on
her criss cross face
my body quivers
at the sight of
the new fallen snow
my heart is filled with
flushed blood of
coming home