she listens to her clients
nine to five everyday
five days a week
forty-eight weeks a year
she loves it
it is rewarding
spiritually and financially

she hears
her husband’s complaints
her parents demanding attention
her child’s disobedient grumble

to her
they are just static
from the telephone
so she hanged up
and turned away
to pat her beloved kitty

The Crime Hierarchy

the rambunctious head of the household
submissive yet overbearing advocate
dependents running wild
in the confine of farming life

leather face old man that hunts with a rifle
she runs over little lambs for feast
children grew up witnessing these normalities

one of the children
was convicted of second degree murder
the noise of the struggle
screaming, screeching, pleading
he had to bring them to silence

when you apply the transitive logic
it all makes sense