We pray for our children 
And God sends rain to
Wash away the filth from our lips
Soften our stony heart
Give us a spring
to feed goodness to our little ones

Loving our children is primal
Loving them right is a miracle

We pray for ourselves
Be kind
Be loving
But most of all
Be grateful
For we don't raise our children alone
God has a plan for us and our littl ones

Children are gifts from God
And we are blessed to have them

Reality Check

Parents! We don’t have a problem child. What we do have is an ungrateful heart.

A child is God’s gift to us by grace. We did nothing to deserve a child who is precious and beautiful in every way.

Children are here to help us to grow up, to be mature and nurturing adults, and to live our full potential as human beings.

If we refuse to grow up, refuse to accept that they are here to teach us, to challenge us, instead, we bully them, blame them to be the problem of our arrogance, ignorance and obstinacy, to label them to be the problem child, we are in fact the biggest loser.

In our childish and foolish ways, we get into competition with our own flesh and blood, we grow jealous of their innocence, wisdom and talents. We are unable to humble ourselves to let our children to try, to shine, and to thrive. We wonder why we grow harsh, stone hearted and despair. It is impossible to please an ungrateful heart.

Love our children as they first love us unconditionally. 💕

Children are a gift from the Lordthey are a reward from him. – Psalm 127:3


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The Crime Hierarchy

the rambunctious head of the household
submissive yet overbearing advocate
dependents running wild
in the confine of farming life

leather face old man that hunts with a rifle
she runs over little lambs for feast
children grew up witnessing these normalities

one of the children
was convicted of second degree murder
the noise of the struggle
screaming, screeching, pleading
he had to bring them to silence

when you apply the transitive logic
it all makes sense