They were once birds who knew freedom
They used to migrate under the threat of predation and mortality
It was worth it for the freedom and population

They are pacing in this giant electric wired cage
Seasons mean little to them
Wings are on the verge of redundancy
They don't call for each other anymore
They are in it all together

Birds lost their freedom
We human lost our voice
Soulless reality holds us in captivity
Our spirit yearns for liberation
Liberty is never free
She stands on the foundation of blood, sweat and tears

Lockdown Freedom

warm sun radiates 
through the blue sky
the perfect match of
bitter coffee
and raisin toast
make an irresistible

my mind colours
the day
in happy notes
played in

imagination gives wings
hovering above
four walls
my spirit leaps
disguised as
a dragonfly

Let's go
in daylight
counting each moment
a gift
of surprise