Lockdown Freedom

warm sun radiates 
through the blue sky
the perfect match of
bitter coffee
and raisin toast
make an irresistible

my mind colours
the day
in happy notes
played in

imagination gives wings
hovering above
four walls
my spirit leaps
disguised as
a dragonfly

Let's go
in daylight
counting each moment
a gift
of surprise


This is written for Vague Souls Unite weekly prompt.

What if, the sky isn't the limit?
When the kite broke off to fly
without the string to guide
flying even higher
beyond sight
is its hope
to dance freely
without restriction
let no untrained hand to limit
its eager creativity from breaking free

The Death of A Poet

you were
the assassin of my poetic being
you attacked by slicing a sharp tongue
down the core of my creativity
whatever I inked
post mortem
dripped wasteful words