Yellow Butterfly

I can fly
I can hide
I can never say goodbye

Old school photos appear at night
Like yellow butterflies
I am so scared to blink too fast
You are gonna disappeare into the night

I can fly
I can hide
I can never say goodbye

Why does time seem so cruel
Never stops for my will
I am always chasing you
I’ll never gonna turn back the time
We spent in moonlight
In sunshine
In starry sky

I can fly
I can hide
I can never say goodbye

Lyrics Without Melody

They’re lyrics I wrote for a song unsung
Waiting for birth through the pure strings you play
Purified by the fire of your drum beats
They’re stories untold
In too late a Summer
Too early for Fall
I still ring the bells of our love affair
In my dreams filled with passion
I still ring the bells

They’re an illusion of life uninsured
Baiting for foolish souls like us, like us
Mimic every pure intend
Lure us in by nightfall
It’s too late to know
Dreams aren’t for real
I still wrote out the lyrics in blood
Out of a stone heart
Sleep walking in a lonely town
I still created with half a heart
Half a heart too much, too much
These lyrics without melody
Unsung songs fading in the back alley
Untold stories dying, dying, dying
La la la la la…

I am yours

I have written this lyrics and kept searching for someone to inject music to make it a trap or indie pop song. It is like two pieces of puzzles and I am only holding one of the them.


When the night falls…she wakes electrifying
Waiting for her master’s calling
No name no pain this game, or is it a game? Is it a game?
When all chains, shackles, silk, feathers and leather…. Pleasure intense that’s what she is after…woo oo oo oo
When the sun comes out…
she’s walking zig zag…zig zag……
cos she had a wild night with her prince…she’s walking zig zag..zig zag….
……oh oh oh as mad as it sounds….
he owns her….he owns her…in total surrender.