I am yours

I have written this lyrics and kept searching for someone to inject music to make it a trap or indie pop song. It is like two pieces of puzzles and I am only holding one of the them.


When the night falls…she wakes electrifying
Waiting for her master’s calling
No name no pain this game, or is it a game? Is it a game?
When all chains, shackles, silk, feathers and leather…. Pleasure intense that’s what she is after…woo oo oo oo
When the sun comes out…
she’s walking zig zag…zig zag……
cos she had a wild night with her prince…she’s walking zig zag..zig zag….
……oh oh oh as mad as it sounds….
he owns her….he owns her…in total surrender.


Run! Run!

( Image from gottfriendberlin.com )


look at the dancing flames though my eyes and


Instead, lay bare and open before my eyes

waiting for my gaze

I fix my eyes to your vulnerability in

absolute stillness

I caress every bit of you with my glance

your body temperature is elevating under my viewing

and your being is raising to salute

Run! Run!

Run before I devour you with passion…

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