Price Tag

He stopped buying bread and milk from the service station up the road.
He couldn’t afford the price, tagged for the convenience.
He started to walk to the supermarket to shop.
Three months later, his shoes fell apart.
He stopped going out all together.
Three weeks later,
he was found dead by his neighbour’s dog
on his own front porch
at the age of 95.

Ten Minutes Sun and Letting God

She walked along the strip in front of her apartment
back and forth, back and forth slowly
with a tender back
It’s worth it
and all she could manage
ten minutes in the sun
in the middle of Winter

There was no work to go to
no appointment to attend
no fund to go out
Everything in life at that point
was out of her control
She had never learned to be doing nothing
up until that Winter

It was a humbling experience indeed
There was no help from anyone
when everyone else was experiencing more or less the same thing:
jobless and soon to be homeless

Now she is sitting in the garden of a women’s refugee
ten minutes in the sun
in the beginning of Summer
and she manages a few thanksgiving and prayer
She happily handed all control to the Boss upstairs
after she realised through all that
she was kept warm, well fed and the sun has been shining

Life in Further Decline

Six Sentence Story word prompt – Improvise

He makes a living improvising Elvis. Such talent gives him the means to feed a family of four plus two dogs and a tour van which is also their humble mobile home. Living like gypsies, playing music, singing and dancing by the fire under the milky way, is far from their reality.

Home-schooling and moving with tour schedules around small country towns are 24/7 work with the reward of barely surviving. The real disaster comes when he no longer fits into the Elvis white jumpsuit with his middle aged gut and overall puffiness from sleep deprivation.

What now is the question he pleads with his gods while sewing up the buttons on the well worn jumpsuit.

False Freedom

You boarded the train
With a one way ticket
Thinking that you were going somewhere
Well, well
The journey ended, didn’t it
Soon you came back to square one
Ain’t got nothing to show off
Not a penny in your holed pocket
Loyalty didn’t count for shit in your cv
Older and wiser is a big fat lie
You know why
they built a ladder to heaven
To make sure that
only God would take you
Humans are too fucking selfish
to care about a man
living under the proverty line