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The two snowflakes collide 
in the blizzard
They cling on to each other 
to survive the gale
When the morning sun shines
their hearts melt a little
They break into big grins
just in time for Spring


The Living Poetry prompt – Late

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Love is worthy of waiting
All the past tribulation
and perseverance
lead to the great encounter
Love never arrives late
as life is never filled
with bitter regrets
it is full of reward
for those who seek love

Unfailing Heart

her heart endured a lot

it was once
provoked to anger by betrayal
broken as a result of blunt rejection
too tired too weak to respond
bled out to a slow death

and yet
her heart is still
imbued with passion

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A Heart of Emerald

RoBIN gave me this prompt unintentionally.


God has given her a heart of emerald
She became the purveyor of love and hope
People wallow in despair
She sees through the fog
carries hope in darkness
speaks the future and truths


heart leaf green shadow play
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Thoughts on Old Photos VII

In darkness, I long for the light
In chaos, I long for the peace
In despair, I long for the angel’s wings


Photographed by David Mane

Yellow – The Colour Collection

She painted her nails in yellow
like the daisies thrive in desert

She painted her toes in yellow
like the sunflowers bloom on the beach

Her heart filled with sunshine
and the hope of forever green



Laurel hedge labyrinth

luscious green panes lead
to the heart of surrender
it hears all the secrets
like a priest listens to confession

follow the Laurel screens
to the labyrinth’s core
lay down all burdens, shame and guilt
like an arctic fox
senses the coming of spring
to shed its fur

the chance of retracing the steps
with renewed hope
a new beginning
a new spirit
a new life

A 365 day dream

I had two dreams
never thought they would come true
for I did not know one led to another

I had lived in a slumber for so long
never knew I held the key to these dreams
so I was stuck on the detour to nowhere

I was dying of exhaustion
desperately seeking a spring
to continue on the winding road

at the beginning of the 365 day journey
everyday life aroused no emotions in me
all I could manage was
to do the only thing that would
bring me relief to this numbness
I poured out my daydreams on paper

I am halfway to the end of the 365 day journey
the tingling in my brain
the restless finger tapping
the nourishment from the spring
living my dreams day and night

at the end of the 365 day milestone
skipping down the dream pathway
the key around my neck
to the sunlit conscious tomorrows

7 Years

House is sold at the fall of the hammer
I secretly wish I would experience
a rush of sadness for losing a home

I PET scanned my brain hoping to detect
any remembrance more than an empty shell
with forced smiles

all the eggshells I have walked on
turned into ashes scattering in the garden
feeding the bird of paradise

7 Christmases of opening gifts of unimportance
7 Easters of egg hunt for children’s laughter
7 years of prayer and supplication

House is sold at the fall of the hammer
a weight has fallen off my shoulder
the crown stripped off the prince’s head