Prayer for My Brothers

Today I see the vibrant sky through a slate filter
The heaviness of it descends to cause me pain
I curl up in bed in fear and despondency
bearing a fraction of what my brothers are enduring
My brother with a weak heart
My brother with a diseased bowl
My brother with constant pain
My brother with a hurting heart
All you endure collide in me
I collapse in despair
I lift up each of you and place you into God’s palm
And I go free

Photo by Cassa Bassa at Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia


My God is a big big God. He has the whole world in His hand.

God I am sorry I told Jimmy he is stupid becuase You don’t think he is stupid and You don’t think I am stupid for saying that.

Thank you for a sunny day. My kitten can go outside and play.

Please help the bushfires, the firefighters, people lost their homes and the dying animals in Australia.

Please help me to always remember how good You are and how much You love me.

Today’s prayer

you are on my mind
my prayer for you
my dear friends

May they turn to You
May their hearts be soft toward You

May they trust that
Your timing is always perfect

May they find peace in You
knowing how precious they are
in Your eyes