Paper Planes

We used to fold
yesterday’s news
into paper planes
and believed the past
would launch into new horizons
if we pressed all the lines
into perfection

All our hopes for tomorrow
would be our reality
until we realized after all
they were once
a vat of pulp
and when the rain came
those planes would wilt
into a mess
our laughter would soon
turn into sour tears

that’s why
I didn’t want to
grow up

This is one of my poems which was included in the Anthology of Hidden In Childhood.

The Simple Minded

our extraordinary relationship
lies in our ordinary life
the most mundane tasks
in everyday life
are the source of our happiness
the surrounding
and simple things matter
we see the blessings of
the sun, the moon, the stars
the grocery shopping, the cooking, the bathing
live each day as our last
and cherish each other like our first kiss

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