The Simple Minded

our extraordinary relationship
lies in our ordinary life
the most mundane tasks
in everyday life
are the source of our happiness
the surrounding
and simple things matter
we see the blessings of
the sun, the moon, the stars
the grocery shopping, the cooking, the bathing
live each day as our last
and cherish each other like our first kiss


The city in Spring was filled with misty rain.
You kept reminding her to take an umbrella.
But she always left without one.
You became her outdoor companion to keep her dry.

Summer storms came and went without warning.
There was no way you could prepare for that.
You gifted her a poncho tied with a yellow ribbon,
hoping it would keep her from the downpour.

One day you saw her running around a giant tree
with symphony of lightening and thunder.
Finally the epiphany hit you.
You were in love with a girl
whom you knew little about.


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