Melancholy Life

This piece is a translated meaning of Jun’s original poem in Chinese. Jun is a loving husband, a proud father and a successful business man. His love for literature and tea remain throughout his life.

I only know this life even reincarnation may be real. The rain stopped as tears also dried out in my hollow and withered frame. I may sit in solitary and mesmerised by the past. And yet no amount of sweet memory surpasses my speck of reality.

Time drifted away and aged me. I still broadcast my love to the clouds. They echo within the walls of my ears, so loud and clear. But I wake up every morning and experience the same realisation that they are just dreams. I cannot defeat this mundane life. Poetry and prose are my only hope to keep on living.

不论几世仅一生,泪干雨歇花凋零, 重忆情恩俱往昔,柔情蜜意愧真人。 不论光阴岁月残,对云寄语几心思, 回音徒塞两耳鸣,岂知梦醒一场空, 按停时空成俗子,待将余生做愚诗。