How I came to be

I remember
they said I was a misfit child
I remember
they said I was a depressed teenager
I remember
they said I wasn’t beautiful
I remember
they said I was a people pleaser
I remember
what they said did not break me

I know
I am a unique creation
I know
I feel the weight of life and people
I know
I believe wisdom is beautiful
I know
I am quick to forgive
I know
What they said has made me whole

Author: Cassa Bassa

🇦🇺🇨🇳 inquisitive, observant, witty, a thinker, was a misfit child 😊

7 thoughts on “How I came to be”

  1. Amazing……!
    I would like to share my writing with you.
    Please do read and give me your feedback.
    “Why my heart feels so bad sometimes.
    Everything is lost nothing is found”
    Why my heart feels so bad sometimes
    Want to cry but feel unable to shed tears
    Want to laugh but feel unable to smile.
    Want to win but feel unable to defeat my defeats.
    Want to sing but feel unable to hear the melody of my heartbeat.
    Want to meditate but feel unable to overcome flickers of my thoughts
    Want to be happy but feel unable to remember my happy movements
    Want to do study but feel unable to learn.
    Want to eat but feel unable to have an appetite.
    Want to sleep but feel unable to close eyes.
    Want to write but feel unable to think.
    Want to love but feel unable to trust.
    What to dance but feel unable to feel hip-pop.
    Want to talk but feel unable to break bars of loneliness.
    Want to be with friends but feel unable to forget everything and go out.
    Want to be alone but feel unable to go away.
    Want to move on but feel unable to forget bygone.
    Want to mend but feel unable to overcome regression.
    Want to wander here and there but feel unable to leave the study desk.
    Want to help someone but feel helpless to help own self.
    Want to worship but feel unable to faith.
    Want to plan but feel unable to forget.
    Want to be little but feel unable to fly.
    Want to be elder but feel unable to lie.
    Why I feel so bad sometimes….
    every time……
    Nothing makes sense except nothingness, loneliness. and lostness.
    This cruel world seems to win life seems to die.
    The devil seems to seen Angels seems to disappear.
    Problems seem to in solutions seems nowhere.
    Devil in me seems to rule angel seems to die
    Now always I am lost and deer lingering over
    Where have I lost my happiness and sorrow?
    Where have I left my love and foe?
    Who has stolen my tear and smile?
    Where have gone my spark and zeal?
    Who has destroyed my paradise where we lived.
    What has fainted colours of my dreams?
    Where is Chaman, who is Sainna?
    Why my heart feel so bad sometimes
    Want to shed tears but feel unable to cry.
    Want to smile but feel unable to laugh.
    Everything is lost, nothing is found.
    Where is Chaman? Who is Sainna?
    Why my heart feel so bad sometimes?

    ## Chaman Sainna##


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