People Do Get Healed

Three years ago
I had to call you your new name

Your birth name was buried with tragedy and trauma

There were times you slipped
when you felt the day was good enough to be yourself

Three years flew by
When you called me all of a sudden
I heard your name
like a chime in the wind
soft and clear

You told me you have found yourself
in ruin and rubbles
still beautiful and worthy

Healing came when you reconciled with your past
and saved the best for last

My eyes welled up
into a smile
‘People do get healed’
plastered my thoughts

I Am Me

I am me and I am always just me. Please don’t get hung up by pronouns. It’s just one of the ways the world shows its craziness.

I have a preferred name which I respond with a smile when called. If you are confused when you see me on paper or a screen, and that’s ok. I like that my name evokes childlike curiosity in you. Ask away! I am stoked that you are interested in getting to know me.

Please be at ease when you converse with me. You will never offend me if you open your heart and make your love available to me, just like I am to you. No question is a silly one when it comes from a genuine loving heart.

I am me and I am always just me.

Scrap Metal

He was a written-off car, didn’t survive the crash. All the valuables and the brokenness were swept to the junk yard, waiting to be compressed into unidentifiable existence.

His Maker has a habit of favouring scrap metals. He visits the junk yard often. In fact, He makes that a priority. He knows all metals by name like He knows the stars.

When his Maker whispered his name, instantly he recognised Him. And he knew exactly which precious metal he was disregarding how beaten up he was and how insignificant he felt. He responded, here I am.

And that’s all was needed for him to be pulled out from the junk yard, and redecorated with all other stars to light up the glorious sky, once more.

How I came to be

I remember
they said I was a misfit child
I remember
they said I was a depressed teenager
I remember
they said I wasn’t beautiful
I remember
they said I was a people pleaser
I remember
what they said did not break me

I know
I am a unique creation
I know
I feel the weight of life and people
I know
I believe wisdom is beautiful
I know
I am quick to forgive
I know
What they said has made me whole

The tortoise and the hare

born lacking of a physique for speed
sloth looking
agreed to a race with
a born to run anxious jumpy stick

winning the race was
not by luck
nor by strategy
purely by being one’s self

failure is not guaranteed
to realise that is
an identity affirmation

success is not guaranteed
to accept that is
an achievement in itself